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jvm thread Maps-To (not IS) native thread

I don’t (need to) know HOW a jvm thread maps to a native thread. I believe by construction, JVM attaches house-keeping info on the native thread handle (something based on a ptr). 30 mais palavras


Paradise Wildlife Park: A Review

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to be invited to Paradise Wildlife Park for the day. We’ve been visiting the Hertfordshire attraction for years now and love that every time we visit, there is something else to see. 440 mais palavras

Days Out

Disaster Preparedness: A Lion Escaping At A Zoo

Japan really knows how to make a lion escaping from a zoo as realistic as possible. It went even better than the time they prepared for a giant, karate-loving reptile escaping from the zoo!

IDWYR - 38

I don’t need aggregator sites and ever more so real people behind the computer to copy and paste my translations. Reported if i see any more ‘FOR OFFLINE READING’ nonsense. 8 mais palavras