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Dailymotion Over You Tube, Any Day

I refuse to be a Lemming.

You Tube is where The Crowd goes to upload videos. But just because everyone else goes there, do I have to follow the Crowd? 185 mais palavras


What the Heck is a ‘Paradigm Shift?!!

Once upon a time there was a train. On this train were many passengers coming and going about their business. Some were reading their newspapers; some where furtively ‘people watching’; some where just looking out the windows at the scenery passing by. 233 mais palavras

What I'm Learning About Life

Inspiration - Cycling from West Coast to East Coast USA

Not me, although I’d definitely be up for doing something like that. What an adventure it would be. If you want to follow someone who is doing just that and have a bit of a vicarious adventure through his eyes then… 238 mais palavras


Flashback: "Walk On By" by Isaac Hayes

I’m not the biggest fan of remade songs, generally. Just like I’m not the biggest fan of movies being remade. But there are exceptions to everything in life, and this is one of them. 39 mais palavras

You Tube

Distracted by Lindsey Stirling

I intended to work on my writing projects when I settled down at the computer this evening after visiting a dear friend who is 94 years old. 102 mais palavras

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