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If we played word association, what would be the the first thing that pops into your head when I say “cardigan”? Comfy? Snuggly? Cocoa? Mine too. 529 mais palavras


My First You Tube Video

Ok. So how many of us likes taking videos? I’m not one of them but now, given my current circumstances. I’ve been thinking too much and it’s killing me. 39 mais palavras


My YouTube Experience

Bored with mundane TV programs and watching the same old DVDs over and over i turned to the internet to try and find something new to take up my free time. 398 mais palavras

YouTube..Like..Subscribe: Derek Mckeith 

Hey good people.. visit #derekmckeith #youtube Hit the like button and sub today!! Lotta great content and good music!!


OTT platforms and the democratisation of sport

Over the top (OTT) video streaming is all the rage right now. Used in the right way, OTT platforms can drive brand and commercial value for sports property owners. 1.063 mais palavras

My second Rainbow Vid

This video is my second Rainbow Six Siege video with my friends David .R, Joshua .M, Randell, Victor, and Iron 2129. Fair warning, while playing video games I tend to get loud and excited.


How My Severely Autistic Son Used YouTube To Speak To Me

Isaac loves his iPad. It is with him from the moment he wakes until the second he goes to sleep. He has a few games he likes and he really enjoys looking through the photos but his all time love is YouTube. 842 mais palavras