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Grab a coffee and learn Object-Oriented Programming in PHP with me in 15 lecture videos

Object-Oriented programming in PHP has been a tough stuff for you to learn. No need to worry, i bring you 15 new lecture videos with extended examples. 15 mais palavras


Mash Team Tip of the Day-How to Remove Pet Hair from Furniture

All that cuddling you do with your pet is great but it comes at a small cost – pet hair all over your furniture. Here’s a simple way to quickly clean your dog or cats fur up from your sofa or carpet

Linda Mash

3 Reasons to Treat Cast Members Like Family

When starting a web series, your main focus should be: your cast.

Much like a parent who provides for her children, a creator of a web series often feels the pressure to provide for her cast members, overseeing disputes, ensuring exposure and providing advice (both professionally and personally). 263 mais palavras

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Playoff hockey is kicking off for the final time out at the Barn in Uniondale. Nassau Colisseum will be volcanic. This video taken from our visit a few weeks back.


Early In The Season

Early spring, just before the season begins, is a great time to visit the North Fork of Long Island. 218 mais palavras

Weekly Photo Challenge

Culture Remix

This week we looked at the way in which people innovate and change the meaning and use of technology with examples of Culture Remix, i.e… 62 mais palavras