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man in black meets the beige bicyclist

this black suit
is a fuck you
under florida sun
mr anonymous bike rider

we have not spoken
why is your silence broken today?
be on your way… 21 mais palavras

What The Hell Happened?

Seriously! What the hell happened to March, April and 3/4 of May 2019?

Photo by Joseph Redfield on Pexels.com

In February I was all set to record a bunch of podcast episodes and see how that whole thing would work out. 119 mais palavras


desolation, ohio

i feel sick

my heart in my stomach

my heart in my throat

quantum theory tells me i wont know which

til i observe it… 216 mais palavras


Season Finale

I always joke that my life is a crappy Netflix show that
keeps getting renewed solely because it’s always filled with new plot twists
and leaves the audience on the edge of their seat wanting more. 846 mais palavras


To the person who truly loved me

You came into my life to help me become the person I want to fall in love with.


To what lengths?

I’m curious about something. How far have you gone for your writing?

I’ve gone so far as to learn Dutch. Or to start to learn Dutch, rather. 215 mais palavras


Four books that you need to read this summer.

Hello there! I (Karina) hope you are having an amazing summer, I sure am! I experienced a somewhat hard summer last year, therefore enjoying my summer is definitely something on my bucket list, but that’s not the only item that I plan to check off! 245 mais palavras