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Dulac and Shakespeare: faeries and phantoms

The first two decades of the twentieth century are sometimes referred to as the golden age of book illustration. It was a combination of skilled artists, advances in printing techniques and a book loving public willing to buy prestige or gift editions of classic books. 997 mais palavras

20th Century

Wiliam Shakespeare - Twelfth Night (ctd.)

Back at Orsino’s court, Orsino asks Cesario to sing for him this melancholy song he liked so much last night, but another courtier, Curio, steps in to say that this song was in fact sung by Feste and he should be called. 471 mais palavras


MNfusion: Director Sarah Rasmussen Talks First Show At Jungle Theater

Roses are red, violets are blue.

Jungle Theater is opening its 2016 season and they’re inviting you!

On February 12, Jungle Theater is introducing a new season and a new director. 2.239 mais palavras

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King John by William Shakespeare

I’m so excited for my last semester of college. I’m almost a month into my classes and I’m getting back to my roots. After finally finishing my GenEds last semester and dropping the minor I was no longer passionate about, I’m back to my roots. 422 mais palavras


King Lear (RSC, 2008)

King Lear (RSC, 2008) directed by Trevor Nunn

King Lear is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays but I find that I have to be in a certain kind of mood for it. 608 mais palavras


English 10: Julius Caesar End of Act I

We started with our first literary term presentation. Good job, ladies! After the pun team presented, I gave you information and examples about the rest for Act I. 96 mais palavras

English 10

The Beast With Two Backs (Othello)

In August of 1600, a 42-year-old man named Abd el-Ouahed ben Messaoud sailed to London. An ambassador from the court of Barbary, the highly educated aristocrat met Queen Elizabeth twice, conversing with her in Spanish through a translator. 1.691 mais palavras

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