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J.R.R. Tolkien Not a Fan of Disney Movies

Tolkien’s book The Hobbit was released in 1937, a couple of months before Snow White hit theaters. Both works highlighted a gaggle of dwarves as major supporting characters, but they could hardly have been more different.  6 mais palavras


Secrets About Cast Members at Walt Disney World (Part 1)

Secrets About Cast Members at Walt Disney World

Part 1

Walt Disney World is considered to be the “most magical place on Earth”. It takes people to make the magic possible, and currently there are over 60,000 employees who work hard to make your vacation special. 426 mais palavras

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How to Watch the 2017 NFL Draft on TV and Streaming Online

The start of the next NFL season is a little over four months away, but it’s not too soon for diehard football fans to start dreaming about the future. 496 mais palavras


Island Of Ice And The Snowmites

The Magic Lives On

Zandeer, the Beautiful Spirit of Children flew swiftly beneath the drifting white clouds of the warm Summer sky. She soared high above the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, like a magnificent bird in flight. 3.055 mais palavras


Disneyland- The “first" family theme park.

By Jeremy Miville

Yes, there were amusement parks before Disneyland, but none looked to capture the essence of youth and family all at once. So, with that in mind, and the power vested in me by InsureMyTrip, I declare Disneyland as the first true theme park. 417 mais palavras

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ESPN Is Laying Off 100 On-Air Personalities and Staffers

ESPN announced its latest round of layoffs on Wednesday in a memo to employees, as Walt Disney’s cable sports giant continues looking for ways to cut costs following the exodus of millions of subscribers in recent years. 457 mais palavras


Actual Death Experience - "Teach Me Your Magic!"

In the Spirit I rose up out of my physical body, and became of the Afterlife.  I hovered in mid-air and beneath me I could see my lifeless physical body lying upon my bed.  541 mais palavras