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May 23rd in history: 

Walt Disney became rich and famous because of a cartoon mouse named Mickey. The first cartoon in which Mickey actually spoke, “The Karnival Kid,” debuted on May 23rd, 1929. 116 mais palavras

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Disney's Tomorrowland

Seeing as Disneyland are celebrating their 60th birthday, what better way to honour the occasion, but with a film. Introducing Disney’s Tomorrowland: 564 mais palavras


Disney Dreams

George Clooney goes back to the future


Starring George Clooney, Britt Robertson & Hugh Laurie

Directed by Brad Bird


Walt Disney always wanted his parks to be “magical.” Here’s a movie that takes that idea and really runs with it. 572 mais palavras

Neil Pond

Why Tomorrowland is Not a Movie for Conservatives

While watching Brad Bird’s new movie Tomorrowland, one of the only things I could think about was how Conservatives are not gonna like it. I know that paints a large group of people with a broad brush and there will be some open minded conservatives who happen to also be Disney fans, that will likely enjoy it, but for the most part it is a movie that operates in the opposition of a corporate and greed driven world. 1.893 mais palavras


Favorite Things Friday: Walt Disney World 24-Hour Summer Kick-Off Celebration

I must admit, I miss blogging. I’ve taken a little unplanned hiatus from It’s A Great Blog After All, thanks to the craziness of graduation. 512 mais palavras


"Tomorrowland" A Great Concept Movie From Disney

We are seeing “Tomorrowland” tonight and I can’t wait. When I first saw a preview of it I was immediately interested in the concept of taking the Tomorrowland section of a Disney park and turning it into a movie. 33 mais palavras

Tony's Posts

Tomorrowland Review

Disney as cult is not a new concept. The Corporation would never choose such a descriptor, but neither has it ever shied away from behavior that justifies the label. 1.426 mais palavras