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Bestiary of Harvester

Harvester is one of the creepiest, goriest, most disturbing and sick game ever made. Yes, very strange for a point and click adventure in 1996, especially if you got used by games like Monkey Island. 1.531 mais palavras


I got my tickets to Pokémon GO Fest! (and why it was the most stressed out process I've ever experienced in buying tickets.... ever)

Yep. I was one of the few to purchase tickets to Pokémon GO Fest coming up in July… Honestly, I thought that the whole process would require a “captcha” to prevent any bots from making a purchase, but I never came across that quick “click on all of the pictures with a sign in them” test. 579 mais palavras


Going N-Sane Waiting For Crash Bandicoot

While everyone was playing Mario 64 for the second or third time, I was I playing the crap out of the Crash Bandicoot.  I loved the art style, crazy the and weird main character Crash and of course the strong but rewarding difficulty of the games. 322 mais palavras

Bachelor in Paradise Resumes Filming After Investigation Finds No 'Misconduct' Between Corinne and DeMario

Almost 10 days since announcing Bachelor in Paradise production had officially halted due to an investigation into allegations of misconduct, Warner Bros. has addressed the controversy. 604 mais palavras


Why I Still Play

Many people would say playing video games is a waste of time. Plenty others would probably say playing video games at the age of 27 is an even larger waste of time, maybe a bit childish. 582 mais palavras

I Try and I Die-Episode 1 (Run Here, Run There)

On the first episode of I Try and I Die, footage is lost, struggles are apparent and man do I love running into a bunch of enemies.