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How Yoni Became a Synonym for Vagina in the Health and Wellness World

Is it just us, or have we been hearing an awful lot about our “yonis” lately? From yoni eggs to yoni massage to yoni yoga, it seems to have become the vagina synonym of choice for anyone in the alternative health and wellness world. 977 mais palavras


Is Period Sex Pleasurable?

This article well display a real life conversation I had with a female friend. Her and her boyfriend made love while she was on her period. 195 mais palavras


Dimensions Of Sex

Strange tales of, man’s obliged instincts
At odds with, yearnings, of his soul
Why the world decrees, passion’s precincts
If you ain’t a sheep, do pay its toll! 82 mais palavras


My Vagina Has Enough Strength.

To say that being politically correct in this generation of micro-second information-driven people is an understatement. Mind you, political correctness is not just a term that talks of educated and literate individuals, but also people who may not have the privilege that we do of increasing our knowledge. 663 mais palavras


Why Do My Fingers Still Smell Like My Vagina

I’m sitting in my 8AM and put my hand on my chin and I’m like fuck those still smell, I must’ve been fingering myself forever last night.


I Think Your Vag Is Showing

*Before you scroll further, be forewarned there are renderings of vaginas down below. So pretty much, do not look at this whilst at work. 

I can not profess to fully ever understand conceptual fashion. 555 mais palavras


A te vaginád mit mondana, ha beszélni tudna?

Aki részt vett a New York-i divathéten megrendezett Namilia show-n, az könnyen hihette azt első ízben, hogy valami tévedés történt és a Berlin Alternative Fashion Weeket hozták előbbre. 587 mais palavras