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A Silly Saying People Use

The saying,” don’t be a pussy,” is not something I ever really looked too much into. I was watching a comedian talk about how people use it and how bizarre it is, because when you think about it, the pussy, (unless you’re talking about a cat) is very powerful. 111 mais palavras

The hottest new trend is camel toe underwear and we're all over it

One of the greatest fashion worries that every woman experiences is the fear that their vagina isn’t plump enough.  Isn’t visible enough to the public gaze.  187 mais palavras


#0176 - Rachael

Why:  I love letting my pussy be used. I will take whatever you give me. My favorite thing is creampies. Let me know if you think my pussy’s worthy of your cum!!

Age: 33

Country: USA


I Hate This Body 

I hate this body. I hate it but not in the sense that I’m not comfortable in my own skin. Not in the self-loathing, insecure, human ‘I’m so fat & ugly’ way. 201 mais palavras

The Period Taboo

By: Madelyn Starritt

Recently, I talked about the company Thinx and all they do and reviewed one of their products, the period underwear. I want to continue this conversation and talk about periods. 827 mais palavras


Who says Vaginas Can't be beautiful?

02/21/2017 11:48 am ET

Artist’s Unapologetic Vagina Paintings Are A Force Of Body Positivity

Jacqueline Secor painted her way to self-love, one vulva at a time.

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News of the absurd: Vagina glue

So, I am looking at headlines today and I saw something that caught my eye.

No, Gluing Your Labia Shut Will Not Stop Period Leaks…

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