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Bendito el gusto de nuestros vientres

Tus larguísimas botas de femme fatale revolotean por mis orejas mientras hago remolinos y huracanes con mi vientre sobre el tuyo.


I Need Feminism Because...Insurance Companies

There seems to be those who still doubt that there is a “war on women” in this country, even in the midst of the Republican’s attempt to defund Planned Parenthood.   410 mais palavras

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All The Things You Did Not Want To Know About Khloe's VayJayJay.

We’ve never not known the state of Khloe Kardashian‘s vulva, primarily because she insists on wearing the tightest pants known to man, thus forcing us to dub her “Camel Khlo.” 134 mais palavras

What's FUZZing???

What to Do When Sex Makes You Itch

Sex is suddenly making me itch. Could I be allergic to my partner?

Vaginal itching is very common and is often the result of easily treatable issues. 219 mais palavras

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Maybe even Einstein did not know that black girls vagina is not a black hole..its tigth, juicy and pink..relatively it has an ability to satisfy big or small dick..no matter almost the same pain..I tested it with my fingers.. 13 mais palavras



Just to be at dark and see only white eyes and pink hole to fuck..Oliver Twistys


Emotional Vaginas

A clean faced nurse, officiously rounds 15 of us up, marches us down a crowded hallway-cum-waiting area, and herds us into an impossibly tiny room. We are women of all ages and backgrounds and are previously unknown to one another. 989 mais palavras