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Salió un artículo donde se enumeran las ventajas de tener un miembro pequeño. Solamente son mentiras, no se hagan ilusiones.


The Bits About YOUR Bits- Vulva Edition

WARNING this post talks about genitalia and contains non pornographic pictures of vulva. If you are in a space where you dont want people to see that come check it out later. 909 mais palavras

Sex Ed

Menstruation Tales.

What? you’re disgusted by the topic of this post? Shame on you. Menstruation is real- this means all the pains, embarrassments and raging hormones that come along with it. 662 mais palavras

Bea: #23

“I used to shave because I thought that’s what my partners would want. Now I love being unshaven. Sometimes my partner or I will get a hair in each other’s mouths during sex, and I secretly think it’s great. 21 mais palavras