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8 "Gross" Things About Pregnancy/Post-Partum

These seemingly gross topics aren’t gross at all. They’re a natural part of motherhood and happen to the majority of, if not all, women. Society thinks it’s gross because women are perceived to be perfect creatures who don’t poop, burp, or discuss sex/their vaginas. 524 mais palavras


Causes Of Loose Vagina, Herbal Vaginal Tightening Treatment

In order to know the cause of loose vagina, it is important to determine whether the vagina is sagged or not. Besides, loose vagina is likely to cause many problems in the intimate relationship because any woman with sagged vagina is unable to satisfy her partner during lovemaking act. 500 mais palavras


Is It Possible To Tighten Vagina Naturally Without Surgery?

There are lots of women who are in search of a solution to how to tighten loose vagina without surgery. Vaginal loosening is a common problem faced by women, especially after childbirth. 526 mais palavras


Safe Natural Ways To Tighten Vagina Without Surgery

Although loosening of vaginal muscles is commonly caused by childbirth, it can also be brought on by aging and menopause. A slack vagina can adversity influence the sexual health and performance of a woman and may decrease the sexual satisfaction of her partner. 505 mais palavras


My vote counts

My vote does not count because I am a woman.

My vote does not count because one candidate for US president, of two, happens to be a woman.

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21st Century Living


The experts have really been utilizing a great deal of their time searching for brand-new alternative to the concerns that the culture is dealing with now. 32 mais palavras

What "they" want us to believe now.

Those who think the only insanity infecting the country comes from the Trump campaign have to read the article “Is It Time to Desegregate the Sexes?” by Judith Shulevitz in the Sunday Review  of the New York Times for October 16th.   414 mais palavras