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Bacterial Vaginosis: One Woman - not the first, not the last, but alone.


The Harpy blog article posted in April is one of a few that have recently caught my attention (perhaps because of my own experience with vulval health) which have addressed the naïvety surrounding women’s sexual health care. 2.199 mais palavras


Damming the flood at a toxic cost?

By Max Hermens, Veerle Melis, Jay Plaat, and Maranke Wieringa

Although a significant part of the planet’s female population uses them heedlessly, tampons lead a double life: both ubiquitous and concealed. 1.196 mais palavras


#0250 - Karen

   Why:  Just curious what everyone thinks

Age: 32

Country: USA




Normal is a double edged sword

Count me in the normal category again, if by only one crappy thing. I have never rejoiced and cringed at the some time before. I did today! 319 mais palavras


#0249 - Amc

   Why:  I would like to know what people think of my V and it turns me on to think of people looking at her on here and commenting :-)

Age: 39

Country: Scotland




You can't play with that, it's for girls!

Sex and gender are two different things….

Biological sex means you are born male or female with a penis or a vagina.

Gender is what society perceives our roles of male and female to be. 755 mais palavras

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