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Toward a Vagocentric Etymology of Penis-In-Vagina (PIV): Changing the Femdom View on Intercourse By Asking “What Is The Vagina Up To?”

When I’m stuck somewhere without my headphones, left in just the horrifying company of my own thoughts, my mind usually drifts to one of two places: feminist outrage, and hot porno-style sex.  782 mais palavras


How To Make Orgasms More Orgasmic

Andrew Siegel MD  7/3/15

This is a timely blog topic for July 4th weekend, celebrated across the USA with fireworks!

The human body is a most remarkable machine. 864 mais palavras

Andrew Siegel MD

Tips for Proper Vaginal Hygiene

Most women do not know what proper vaginal hygiene is or how to keep their vagina healthy.  Fortunately though, by following a few helpful tips, you can be well on your way to resting assured that your vagina is being taken care of the safe and healthy way.  265 mais palavras

Periods and being a GIRL!

Thomas: “I wish you’d hurry up and start your period.”

Me: “Why?”

Thomas: “Because your being a total BITCH!!!”

The loving words of my loving Fiancé. 324 mais palavras


Sexo Anal - Faça!!!!

 Olá, Cremosos!!!!

Como vocês estão? Espero que vocês estejam todos com tesão e prontos para ler nosso próximo post!!! E requer mente aberta e muita boa vontade para alguns de nós. 1.425 mais palavras