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Motivation schmotivation

It’s true.

I am not motivated to get up and go to the gym everyday.

Some of my reasons are chemical, others are that some days, I just wake up feeling punchy. 523 mais palavras

My Vagina

My Vagina dictates a lot in my life. Apparently because I have one it means that my job in life is to cook and clean. Apparently because I have a vagina I am too spirited to be able to keep a man. 412 mais palavras

30 Year Old College Student

Dear V ( A letter to my Vagina)

After my last post I remembered that during my psychosexual therapy I wrote a letter to my Vagina. It kind of helped at the time. It’s something any one can do to gain a bit of power back- whatever or whoever they are writing to. 281 mais palavras


Why do we celebrate Women's Day ? What is Your Opinion?

Gone are the days, when women were just a burden for their parents, and their only motive in life was to get married to a handsome guy! 496 mais palavras



I’ve done so many kagels this week I’m now sporting a beard!


Envy is inevitable

A friend and work colleague of mine is pregnant she’s happy, I’m happy for her. I will gladly sit a listen to her tell me that her baby is the size of an avocado and then sneak off to the grocery store to look at the fruit and hold it to her tummy. 329 mais palavras