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Peacetime Naval Rearmament, 1933–39: Lessons for Today

US Naval War College Review – Following World War I, the USN fleet was outdated and undersized, but a time of naval resurgence began in 1933, adding modern ships to the U.S. 40 mais palavras


East Coast US Navy aviators to see their flight hours slashed for the rest of fiscal year

Defense News – Budget shortfalls created in part by greater-than-expected demands on maritime patrol aircraft are forcing the Navy to cut flight hours for several squadrons on the East Coast.


Why Not an American Admiral Gorshkov?

National Interest – By law a chief of naval operations is limited to four years in the post—and that’s just not enough time to make any meaningful changes.


The Future of Mine Countermeasures

USNI Blog – The Navy should make what is old, new again—build and deploy a 21st-century Avenger.


His Love is as Vast as the Ocean

This was written four years ago. It still holds so much truth I just decided to blog it. Now, my boys are both on dry land for a while and I am able to communicate with them. 189 mais palavras

From Russian Presence to Sailboat Traffic, U.S. Learning What’s ‘Normal’ Far From Home

USNI News – The U.S. military invests significant time and effort into conducting training exercises and patrols overseas – and while it does provide opportunities for sailors to have port calls in interesting places and build interoperability with allies and partners, it also helps build upon U.S. 10 mais palavras


Hey, shipmate, where’s the fire?

Defense News – That old expression crossed my mind this week when I saw the carrier Truman was making its third deployment in four years. 29 mais palavras