Medina of Fez

Founded in the 9th century and home to the oldest university in the world, Fez reached its height in the 13th–14th centuries under the Marinids… 67 mais palavras


Bodhgaya, Bihar

Bodhgaya is the most sacred place in Buddhism. Tradition tells that prince Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha, meditated under a bodhi tree during 49 days, at the end of which he reached enlightenment. 116 mais palavras


Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou

The ksar, a group of earthen buildings surrounded by high walls, is a traditional pre-Saharan habitat. The houses crowd together within the defensive walls, which are reinforced by corner towers. 26 mais palavras


Syrian Army Detects Artifacts Captured by ISIS in Palmyra

Yesterday during the raids throughout eastern neighborhoods of Homs province the Syrian army units detected hiding place of ISIS terrorists with artifacts from ancient Palmyra, which were stolen in 2015. 94 mais palavras