Leshan Giant Buddha May 2017

The drive from Chengdu to Leshan Giant Buddha took about 2.5 hours.  Leshan Giant Buddha is carved out of a cliff face during the Tang Dynasty and took 90 years to complete, from 713 to 803 AD.  812 mais palavras


An Arab woman in UNESCO race

Moushira Khattab says it is important for such a personality to head world body

The next UNESCO chief should be an Arab and a woman, says Moushira Khattab, Egypt’s candidate for the post of Director-General of the U.N.’s scientific and cultural body UNESCO. 398 mais palavras


European Capital of Culture 2011 - Tallinn

Before dining however we walked through to the opposite side of town and along the ‘wall of woolens’, so called because here there were more market stalls cut into the arches of the original city wall and then we were tempted to part with thirty Eeks each to climb to the top of the tower for a two hundred metre elevated walk looking down over the rooftops and the narrow medieval streets below. 840 mais palavras


• Paris, Banks of the Seine

Visit: 20th June 2017

This was not my first time to Paris, but it was the first time I have visited in the Age of the iPhone, meaning I now have photographs of it that I won’t lose track of. 516 mais palavras