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‘Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy’ Trailer Teases an Ultimate Faceoff!! Check It Out!!

The official trailer for epic animated series Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy: Siege has finally landed. The forthcoming series hails from Netflix and Hasbro, Inc. 394 mais palavras


Transformers Earthrise: Optimus Prime and Trailer by Hasbro

One of the gripes I have with collecting Transformers is the frequency in which Hasbro releases new figures of the same old characters. Sure, it’s nice to get updates, but it frequently renders my existing figures obsolete and I wind up selling them off to make room for the new and improved versions. 1.837 mais palavras

David Kaye: How I became Megatron, Optimus and many More


I connect With David Kaye, and we talk about his career, that includes voicing such popular characters as; Megatron in Transnformers Beast Wars, Optimus Prime in Transformers Animated, Lord Sesshomaru  in Inuyasha, Clank from the hit video game Ratchet and Clank, and many many more!! 53 mais palavras


[TF] Sins of the Family

Smokescreen hated paperwork.

It was, perhaps, the worst part of the job, and the main reason he occasionally reconsidered his decision to go legit. Sure, there were perks. 4.931 mais palavras


[CtE] From the Shallows 07

Ratchet was the last to arrive, which was both intentional and by accident. He meant to be on time, but was waylaid by concerned Autobots on the way to the meeting, and he hadn’t wanted to attend the meeting much in the first place, save that he had a duty, and Ratchet wasn’t one to shirk his duties. 9.201 mais palavras


[CtE] From the Shallows 06

Morning came far too soon.

Hot Rod onlined with echoes of dreams he couldn’t remember reverberating through his mind. He dragged himself out of the berth, all of the aches and pains and twinges gone. 6.487 mais palavras


War For Cybertron: Siege Trailer Drops

The previous adult-targeted Transformers cartoon was uploaded to the now-defunct Go90 website, which is now available through Rooster Teeth. After the conclusion of the Prime Wars Trilogy line Hasbro started a new collector line called “War For Cybertron” (not to be confused with the video game because Hasbro doesn’t pay attention–see also Robots In Disguise), which is meant to be a return to the original G1. 504 mais palavras

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