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San Francisco: Texture and Geometry

Beautiful San Francisco and its changing, growing skyline are the site of some incredible sunsets. This image from earlier in the spring features a sunset of mostly naturally induced colors, but the fires threatening the Bay Area at the moment are producing a much more intense set of hues.


On the Road: Lochsa Lodge, ID to Clarkston, WA

Currently taking some time to explore Portland.  I reached Portland with Jon earlier in the week. So far my take is that this is an awesome town with a lot to offer cyclists and anyone looking for urban culture. 1.285 mais palavras



I remember seeing this film on SBS before SBS had their divided channel platform (SBS,SBS2 and so on). Many of my most memorable film moments come from accidentally stumbling through SBS and getting hooked into the Saturday night movies. 654 mais palavras

On the Road: Colorado Days

I do not take skipping writing about Kansas lightly. I will absolutely write about my experience, in possibly the most bike friendly state to date. It was infinitly more beautiful than I had expected. 266 mais palavras


TransAm Race 2017 23 Days

Completed what a journey and an amazing experience. Still cant soak in the fact that I have ridden my bike across the whole of America. A journey through 10 states with a huge mix of weather extremes. 22 mais palavras


TransAm ready to start

Two weeks today it’s ON, and I have never been so ready for a big ride before. The bike is prepared and on ice, and the kit is laid out in the spare room ready. 908 mais palavras

Epic Riding

Hill Tops With Foggy Skies

This city by the bay
Is so easy on the eyes
Like a dream on canvass
Hill tops with foggy skies

The morning here breaks… 123 mais palavras

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