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In which I receive a prestigious award

Medieval Otaku has recently bequeathed me yet another one of these award things. The rules seem pretty familiar:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog…
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Pop Culture And Its Discontents

Ways of Writing: Mine Isn't Better Than Yours

In graduate school I had a housemate, also in my Ph.D. program, who wrote meticulous outlines and then—get this—wrote exactly that paper.

This blew my mind. 487 mais palavras

three things examiners look for in methods chapters

Once upon a time, when I worked in schools, early childhood teachers routinely issued young children with a ‘pen license’. A pen license was much sought after as it meant that a child could ‘advance’ to using a pen instead of a pencil. 1.606 mais palavras

Pat Thomson

Israel: Day 42

I spent most of this day working on my thesis, I’m revising one of my chapters, which completely stresses me out. When I am in the UK or in Slovakia, I always make sure I stock up on tons of sweets, so at the first sign of stress, I start snacking on them, but here I have none, so I have to suck it up. 200 mais palavras


Thesis-Writing: The Himalayas of College Life

This blog entry is devoted entirely to tips about starting and writing manuscripts for Filipino Psychology students but those from other courses may also pick up a thing or two so just grab something to eat and read on.  1.075 mais palavras

A Cup of Coffee with Melville

I spent some time today editing my thesis – it’s due in 55 days – so I was out and about in the city, first at the library, then at a bakery. 729 mais palavras

rolling with it

Sorry for the radio silence this week.

The thesis proposal got turned down—as we knew it would.

It’s been a week of practicing patience because uni are proving to be ridiculously inflexible—as we knew they would be! 463 mais palavras