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Character study

I want my bunny to have the same shape theory as Aggretsuko- initially cute and round but has soft triangles to hint at hidden sharpness. Bold outline like Gudetama and maybe a hidden creepy, unsettling smile that really freaks the viewer out… 16 mais palavras

Character style research

I need to work on my stylistic choices and I want to take inspiration from Sanrio characters that have bold outlines and nubby hands and feet- which is simple and cute; exactly what I’m going for. 43 mais palavras

Week 7 Project Iterating Ideas

First, the project will add a new mind-sync level system to make it a better process.(need to be tested)

–- mind-synced level

–- Choose 3 card you like before the game… 112 mais palavras



hinmb hatt too big for he gotdam ears

Annotated Bibliography

This week I began collecting primary sources relating to my thesis topic. This was surprisingly exciting because I found that the more I read the more curious I became, and the more possibilities presented themselves. 358 mais palavras