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Uuummmm, this is a tasty burger!

Do you see any Teletubbies in here? Do you see a slender plastic tag clipped to my shirt with my name printed on it? Do you see a little Asian child with a blank expression on his face sitting outside on a mechanical helicopter that shakes when you put quarters in it? 102 mais palavras

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Teletubbies box reveal

Just before Christmas I recieved a very special yet secret box. This box was so secret that I have been unable to reveal the contents to anyone; until now that is. 406 mais palavras


Cosplay Attempt, Take Two

OK, so, yesterday’s cosplay didn’t go so well.  Let’s try again. 11 mais palavras

General Geekery

"Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens" Movie Review

This is a spoiler-free review.

Many years beyond Episode VI, Luke is missing, Leia and Han Solo are separated, and there is a new generation of rebels and a new empire called The First Order.   478 mais palavras


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