April 2019: Jupiter goes quiet (so listen harder!)

On April 10th, Jupiter, the planet of growth and adventure, begins its 4-month annual retrograde with a station (still point) at 24 degrees of Sagittarius. As always, Jupiter retrograde is a time when your greatest adventures may happen buried in books, meditating, on a hike with a podcast on our earbuds or even dreaming away an afternoon in a treehouse if you’ve got one handy. 305 mais palavras

Make America Intense Again |Neptune| Jupiter| Moon | T-Square Transit

Jupiter 19 Degrees Sagittarius

  • The need for people concerned with the future to discover a new way of living and more wholesome surroundings.
  • Frontier – Commonly regarded as the area where the settled portions of civilization meet the untamed wilderness, the frontier has persisted in American history as a topic of profound importance and intense debate.
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Kegels 3

The other elements of Big Grace in the Juno-Sedna chart, and the upcoming Sedna Station chart, are two Diamond Stars.

A T-Square (drawn as a red triangle) is made up of two planets Opposite one another, with a third at their Midpoint (ie, three Signs from each).  2.453 mais palavras


Another Use for the T-square

I have three T-squares from my college days sitting in the office. Why three? They are of different lengths – an 18”, a 30” and a 36”, all necessary for different usage. 270 mais palavras


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, January 20, 2019

The first hint of fresh air comes on the fiery Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 00° 52′ Leo on 20 January 2019, 09:17 PM PST. The Sun has reached airy Aquarius, finally giving us a full time presence in an air sign again. 442 mais palavras


19 December 2018 The Power of Self-Determination

We may start out rejecting authority or our own agency, but in any case it spurs us toward a kind of empowerment centered in Self-responsibility–even in wanting to avoid making our own choices, we end up wanting to! 532 mais palavras


Retreat and Recharge - November 26th 2018

Tonight’s Moon prepares the scene for entertaining alternatives and weighing up options.

The waning Moon separated from opposition with Pluto and proceeds to conjunct its North Node. 723 mais palavras

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