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Remember that feedback is aimed to shape us to the system we are in...so take it with a grain of salt

Shaping us to the system

One thought I’ve been having recently is regarding feedback. We often receive a lot of it, from many different sources and directions. 924 mais palavras


Ugh, I don’t even know what just happened. It’s pissing me off and frustrating. Princess is not entirely Princess and it’s creating a hot mess. 608 mais palavras

I do remember Skyler saying after system changes to rest and I almost never did…. Now I understand why you should after finally doing it…. 111 mais palavras

Energy flow

The energy flow in a living system.

What Just Happened?

I have spent a lifetime learning about the human body and the diseases that can, and will, come to get you at some stage in life. 557 mais palavras

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Corruption: A Disease By Our Deeds

    In today’s world, people just look for all the possible ways by which their works get done as earlier as possible. This mentality of common citizens make the courage of the concerned officials go firm and fearless. 410 mais palavras