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I'm Back With Basie

So many Basie albums lately! And I know Mr. Richard has more set aside at the record store for us to pick up. Basie’s albums are quickly becoming part of our Sunday morning tradition of listening to music, being a bit lazy and sipping on good coffee. 43 mais palavras

Most Importantly - The Vinyl

Everytime that you lose it, swing it for the world!

Yes, I’m aware that the above lyrics are incorrect- I promise it’s purposeful!

My roommate’s a dancer- has been for years, and is quite good at it.   427 mais palavras

About Me

No Action - Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Sex. According to the trio of Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, they don’t get any. However, I find myself struggling to comprehend how on earth these slinky sovereigns of swing and blues struggle to receive “action”. 100 mais palavras

New Music

The Results Are In!

The recent polls taken regarding the favorite dance of both men and women yielded some interesting results. One is that the ladies outvoted the guys by 16-5; such small numbers, especially for the men means that only the most general conclusions may be drawn. 202 mais palavras

Elite fabulous killer Calculator

26/2/2015 , 12.58 AM

This is the first blog, I am writing  on this site…. So,  I cannot figure out what to say at first… should I start like this, “Hey everyone , good evening” or like this “Okay, lets get started”. 520 mais palavras