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Why exercise alone won’t save us | News | The Guardian

There’s the structural (why aren’t we remunerated for jobs requiring sedentary lifestyles that will cause us severe injury?) and the personal (I have to get my incidental exercise rate up and walk everywhere urgently). 7 mais palavras

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'The Simpsons' To 'The Problem With Apu': Drop Dead : NPR


Saving some good articles languishing in the purgatory of tabs.

This is a surgically precise piece by Linda Holmes with more thoughtful and convincing counterarguments than the writer’s mentality she is responding to.

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The Scholar's Stage, Reading List of Chinese History, 23 December, 2018

Via https://scholars-stage.blogspot.com/2018/12/what-to-read-to-get-into-chinese-history.html

Making Sense of Chinese History: A Reading List

We often hear of people who will descend to any servility, submit to any insult for the sake of getting themselves or their children into what is euphemistically called good society.

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Free Speech Defences

Via https://twitter.com/vgr/status/1074890050213621760?s=19

“You know that line about judging people by their actions rather than their words? What about people whose only non-trivial output is words? (assume their actions are boringly uncontroversial, like say living basic middle class life funded by job at paper factory) 367 mais palavras

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Becoming a magician

When I was a teenager I often used fantasy as a vehicle for escapism. Some people, when they fantasise, think about sex or dragons or wildly unlikely events like winning the lottery. 2.178 mais palavras