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Sneakerporn - Nike Flyknit TR5 in Metallic

I don’t have a sneaker problem – sneakers have a problem with me.

They keep coming out in newer and prettier incarnations, so I have no choice but to hit it up.   49 mais palavras

Daily Style

The Pitched Project...

I wasn’t expecting Fedex at my office today.  As I’m getting ready to leave early, finishing up on replying to emails, the doorbell rings and fedex is standing there with a big box from… 78 mais palavras


[FN Exclusive] Pusha T Shows Off New Adidas Collab Ahead Of Black Friday Drop

Pusha T is making his presence known in the fourth quarter, not only dropping his next album, Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude, on Dec. 18, but also… 1.162 mais palavras

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Some Kicks To Think About In 2016

Well in just 36 days,  it will be 2016. 2015 we’ve seen some pretty dope kicks and kicks that should surely get an ESPY. 2015 ain’t over and we still got some fly kicks to take off shelves before January 1st  but let’s take an early look what 2016 has in store. 486 mais palavras


Best sneakers, ever! 

Scored a pair of JORDAN ECLIPSE’s at Kid’s footlocker for $64! Now that’s a come-up and I’m obsessed.

名鞋介绍 - “Nike Air Max 95”

今天要为大家介绍的就是今年20岁的Nike“气垫之王”-Nike Air Max 95啦!


这双鞋是由Nike的设计师Sergio Lozano设计的,设计的灵感是来自于人体的构造。人体构造?对!就是人体构造!

在90年代,球鞋界被Nike的蓝球鞋款称霸。而设计师Sergio Lozano就定下目标要将Nike Air Max 95这款鞋来重新让大众的目光再次放在跑鞋系列上。

Tinker Hatfield时常会说:“Okay, so that’s a great design, but what’s your story?” 大意就是你有一个很好的设计,但是你的设计中没有故事/没有概念。谁是Tinker Hatfield?他可以说是球鞋设计界的神,设计出很多出名鞋款,多数是Jordan系列的鞋款,也是Air Max 1的设计师。 61 mais palavras