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Sigma The Perfect Blend Kit Review

Hi guys! Let’s talk brushes for a quick sec- I pretty much have 2 classes of brushes in my collection- there are the gorgeous to look at, okay performance-wise brushes that I just love to have around for a quick fix or just for show, and then there are the serious brushes- highly functional and really get the job done. 711 mais palavras


Hover Flies and Macro Photography

Macro photography is a trial even in the best weather. Add a little wind and a hand-held camera and it becomes a serious challenge! When shooting tiny objects, the key is to hold the camera… 181 mais palavras


SIGMA NEWS – Updates

When it comes to innovations and new releases in the camera- and lens manufacturing world, the summer months are usually a slack period. This also accounts for SIGMA – nevertheless the SIGMA developing Team worked on a few improvements over the last month. 174 mais palavras


The Funeral of Maggie Rain

Prologue: Serene

Maggie Rain lay on the table dressed in white, looking serene. There were no marks on her neck, nor did it seem broken. Looking at her this way, it almost seemed like she was asleep, and not at all like she had been found just hours earlier hanging from the ceiling… 6.653 mais palavras



I saw the other day this high speed ride. It looks pretty scaring, doesn’t it?

I thought of this, don’t know why

A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason. J. P. Morgan

If portraiture bores you, try doing it at night {portraiture | CCD}

Just wanted to quickly share two images i just took tonight.

If you feel that portraiture are beginning to bore you and you have been doing way too many portraits, try doing it at night. 118 mais palavras