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'Sects Tuesday 09/19/2017

*And you thought the story of the balloons was over? Is it possible that yesterday’s cartoon exists merely to introduce a slightly better drawn balloon? I wouldn’t do that, right? 28 mais palavras

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'Sects Monday 09/18/2017

*I know… pen-pineapple-apple-pen played out a long time ago… but it was a convenient way to end the story of the sewer balloon… and I love kicking up old worn-out references! :)

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'Sects Sunday 09/17/2017

*The only thing better than making a bad joke is explaining a bad joke… badly! :)

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'Sects Saturday 09/16/2017

*It wasn’t the IT parody that you wanted… It wasn’t the IT parody that you needed… It was just one fly’s quest for a missing sailboat that led him to find his true missing element, the balloon. 23 mais palavras

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Who do you want to take with you?

“You’ll also need your men to commit. You will want to know that the men beside you are us and not them. You’ll need to be able to count on them in times of crisis. 81 mais palavras


'Sects Thursday 09/14/2017

*That’s what it sounds like when you pull a big balloon through a small opening, right? Fump! First it squeeks… then it fumps! And, yes, squeak is misspelled on purpose to sell the… 22 mais palavras

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The Path to One Islam

Allah (swt) wants us to be ONE-UMMAH, and does not like people to break away (there are beautiful ahadith about this – like the wolf and sheep one). 3.705 mais palavras