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Having a ridiculously work environment riddled with unreasonable deadlines making it impossible to follow TDD, What to do?

Hi All,

I have been working in startups through out my development career. It seems I am always on my toes to meet the deadlines. It in turn has affected the way I went about development and learning. 48 mais palavras

In your experience, what makes a programming language/methodology "stick"

My professor told me that inheritance is working its way out of software development. I've also heard a bit about a language Kotlin potentially overtaking Java and React to overtake Angular. 30 mais palavras

Joint Venture Project (Software Developers)

My team and I have been in the eCommerce game since 2014 and our goal is to make money. We're currently in the process of looking to build out a product solution for other business owners within the market that we're currently already doing business in, but we don't have the software development skills to build the product. 304 mais palavras

Can the software development lifecyle be improved?

Hello everyone,
I am interning at a company and I've been asked to do some research for a project to see if there is a need for a solution for the concept of combining IT and facility infrastructure data with the software development lifecycle to optimize applications not just usual performance, usability, and stability metrics but also around impact on IT infrastructure (network, CPU, disk, RAM, etc.) and facility infrastructure (space, power, cooling). 62 mais palavras

Suggest some Software Quality Control videos

I am looking for videos on Software Quality Control. Any ideas?

I have students, and what them to know about software quality control. But most of the good information I know of is in books. 104 mais palavras

How do you write end user manuals?

As the title says.

Do you use Word, LaTeX or a different markup language?

Due to the nature of the document it should be

What should you be thinking about as you design?

Hey all,

Just curious what everyone is thinking about when they are designing or programming from a high level?

Are you thinking about specifics about the problem? 46 mais palavras