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Suffer Less Book Review

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday,

I’m realizing that it’s been a while since I’ve actually done a book review and well, I can’t let that continue to happen you see, because then I’d be a bad blogger. 470 mais palavras


Restoration Hardware Photographer

Restoration Hardware (RH) may the best furniture brand in the world. With their exceptional product and photography as their first marketing campaign makes every customer would feel luxuious when visiting their web, store, and see the collections. 33 mais palavras

Hi Everyone, Please Enjoy My Site

L'arme secrète de l'entreprise agile n'est pas celle que vous croyez

crédit photo : Annie Spratt on Unsplash

C’est au hasard d’une errance sur ma timeline linkedin, que j’ai aperçu un post mentionnant une vidéo de recrutement d’Apple. 1.616 mais palavras

Lost and Found

Many thanks to the staff at Residenzia who helped me find my over-shirt which I lost when we were in Munich the first time.

I hadn’t realised it was missing until it was near closing time for the museum so was only able to have a quick search for it there. 194 mais palavras

Europe 2019

Real National Dress

You may recall reading a post on here regarding the fact that Bavarian national dress is genuinely sold in shops in Munich. Well today we were given full proof that people do genuinely wear these clothes on a daily basis. 132 mais palavras

Europe 2019

Captain Candy

While on our way to the Doge’s palace, walking through the streets of Venice, we discovered one of the most awesome sweet shops! It was full of large barrels full of sweets and chocolate – ranging from the ordinary to the less so. 175 mais palavras

Europe 2019