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Abstract Plus Pop Equals Kitsch

This is what happens when I mixed abstract art with pop art. It’s a burst of colors with recognizable shapes that in my opinion created some sort of… 267 mais palavras


Art Pieces From The Past And Present

Before my days in the Army and in college I was creating art in Brazil. Was not making money out of it, but I was still creating for arts for a near future. 214 mais palavras


My Art Statement is My Manifesto

Finally I translated my Manifesto for the 21st Century, a manifesto in which I will live by and create art and design for this century. 277 mais palavras


I've Found My Logos Exercise

I thought I’ve lost the files of my logo exercises. Since I’m too lazy to write what each logo represent, for what companies the logo was made, and what type of industry is for, I will let the reader decide that. 20 mais palavras



Mush Magazine


Process Book Type+Image (it’s so cool that is part of somebody stack)


Magazines created in March and December of 2015.


Posters for PTSD Awareness

These are posters created for the PTSD Combat Related Awareness. Combat PTSD it’s been around since the dawn of times and the first account was recorded by Herodotus at the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC. 90 mais palavras


IED Road - Behind the Scene

The set of work created is inspired by the German Expressionist Movement from the beginning of the 20th Century. As a war art it does not emphasized the horrors of war but it does emphasizes the mood of the times. 6 mais palavras