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Georges Schwizgebel: Chemin Faisant (2012)

je ne puis méditer qu’en marchant ; sitôt que je m’arrête, je ne pense plus, et ma tête ne va qu’avec mes pieds.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Les Confessions

Psychedelic Animation

Georges Schwizgebel: Romance (2011)

A fourth dimension whirlwind tour of a romance set to Rachmaninoff’s Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op. 19.

Psychedelic Animation

"La felicità arriverà qua" from Signor Rossi

This is a song from the first movie (or the 3rd episode taken from that movie) of the popular italian cartoon Signor Rossi. But it is not just this song or episode but the whole show that is full of trippy animations and imagery.

Psychedelic Animation