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Nothing for us Asian women is easy.

Let’s start with beauty. Instead of embracing darker skin tones, a great majority of the Asian women population have an unhealthy obsession with getting their skin whitened, hoping to match up with the European beauty standards. 490 mais palavras

Be Your Best Self


“Ahhh!” right?

Anxiety is scary. Those feelings of dread, that overwhelming panic, trembling, nervousness, tension, twitching, chest pain, dizziness…the list goes on.

Being a 1st generation Mexican/American, mental health problems did not exist. 783 mais palavras


Remembering the Pre-Aversive Stimulus

There are some terms and concepts from behavioral psychology’s past that have found themselves buried in time. Tucked away in a journal here or there but largely forgotten. 855 mais palavras

Applied Behavior Analysis

Futuropaco : Futuropaco

There’s a serious groove that permeates each track on Justin Pinkerton’s debut record as Furturopaco. Not the typical groove, though. This album has an aged vibe to it that makes it feel both like some lost, sweaty acid-fueled Ennio Morricone score; as well as some Goblin recording session fueled by a night of over consumption of The Doors and some ultra fine vino. 459 mais palavras

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I sat a local restaurant and contemplated the pathetic nature of humanity. Instant gratification, wasting time in movies, waiting in lines for food at a drive thru while fucking around on a cell phone. 710 mais palavras

Important Vacation Message From J. S. Figment

— Author Babble: I’m going to be on and off for the next few weeks as I’m in the middle of a move, all posts will be scheduled here, if you would like to reach me please message me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JSFigment/ —– 10 mais palavras

J. S. Figment

Opioid Use Disorder Treatments

Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) is defined by the American Psychiatric Association to be a problematic pattern of opioid use leading to significant impairment and distress, manifesting with at least two of the following: unsuccessful trials in discontinuing use, spending a lot of time to obtain, use, and recover from opioids, having cravings, interfering with work or other obligations or social interactions, experiencing tolerance, using opioids despite hazardous situations, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms when opioids are removed. 588 mais palavras