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Hello fellow romans, today I logged on and found out that a new play has came to the stage! 28 mais palavras


Facing Your Truths: Starting a Healthier Lifestyle

I may have inadvertently blown my notes away. Considering the state of my handwriting that might not be the greatest loss. Okay, deep breath and…that’s how it happened! 679 mais palavras

Gluten Free

October Update

Hi everyone, thought I’d send a quick update on where I’m at with current projects.

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Closing the Roman Road: A Response to the Doctrine of Believe and Confess

I. The Roman Road 

It is likely that the vast majority of my readers have heard mention of the “Roman Road.” Perhaps some of you have even practiced various aspects of its approach or, based on your religious affiliation, have applied its concepts in your own approach to Jesus Christ and salvation. 5.179 mais palavras


Сделать себе имя

Имя есть у всех. Имя человеку, как правило, дается его родителями или кем-то еще. Порой человек, уже будучи взрослым, меняет свое имя. Но есть и те, кто сделали себе имя. Это самые успешные люди. Заработать деньги, управлять другими, снять фильм, написать книгу, прекрасно петь, чудесно танцевать, великолепно готовить, достичь вершин профессионального мастерства, иметь друзей, любить и быть любимым могут многие. Но сделать себе имя могут лишь немногие.

Блог: наблюдения и размышления

Cathkin Park

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that certain places recur in posts here. Dunbar, where I come from, and Glasgow, where I live, foremost among them. 436 mais palavras


My Favorite Artist: J. Cole

Entering eighth grade, I was going through a phase in my life where my thoughts and emotions were all over the place. 103 mais palavras