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doors: swing
and sliding

checkpoints and
turnstile controls

so many different

why did I always
choose the wrong ones?

born in a
cu-de-sac with…

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The Holy See

What can bring you to your knees, is often perceived as a joke ‘til it visits in threes

Kneel and beg before a gun with rosaries; to a higher being, “please, keep bad karma away from me” 296 mais palavras


The One Who Lived In Shadows

Snow Girl hated the way she
looked, smelled, the shape & size
of herself, the colour of her stupid hair

she moved in shadows, lived in… 74 mais palavras


Housewife Hit Squad

From Unpredictable Hue, 2019.

Housewife Hit Squad

Would you take a look at that
A swarm of dust coalescing in the air
advancing on me and my…

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The Less Taken Path

Snow Girl plays truant, heads home

she hears them behind her, stalking,
calling her name, sneering, making threats

she runs through the trees, panicked, into darkness… 57 mais palavras


A Path Made Of Blood

Snow Girl
cut herself to be
normal, prove she was alive

the others saw her
as a freak, a monster
in human form, to be scorned… 64 mais palavras


Oceans of Eternity

My soul travels
on the river of love
emptying into
the sea of serenity.

This ocean of stars
filled with souls aglow
floods universes
beyond the Great Beyond.