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Happy and the prettiest

Happy girls are pretty girls 

He said, not the same words, though

Baby, I get what you mean

I’m the happiest when I am with you… 60 mais palavras



I’m sorry I’m making you feel uncomfortable
Making you want to run away

I would’ve put my mask on
But I’m getting it cleaned today… 112 mais palavras


Blind Spring

Grass, soft and cool beneath my feet
The air is carrying the sweet scent of lilac
The heat from the sun warms my skin like a roaring fire in the dead of winter… 33 mais palavras


A seeker for a divine serenity
amidst darkness it paves its way,
Shining and glowing explicitly,
For the magic it leaves behind affectionately.
But little does one know, 36 mais palavras



Well I’m excited
That you despise me
And that you hate me
At the devisement of your ire
Cuz it means
You can’t tear away from me… 186 mais palavras


I’m looking for a King,

who’s going to protect me.

I’m looking for a King,

who’s going to comfort me.

I’m looking for a King, 72 mais palavras



His toys sit in the cupboard, been a week.
No trains smoke, no cars rush the hall.
Teddy is silent, Buddy also doesn’t speak.
No obstinate demand for a new ball. 82 mais palavras