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Roman Baths

The history of Bath, England is intrinsically linked with the natural hot springs that the city is founded upon. In 43 AD Britain was invaded by the Romans and by 75 AD they had built a religious spa complex on the site, which later developed into a bathing and socializing center called Aquae Sulis, ‘the waters of Sulis’. 39 mais palavras


Why I Love My New Flip Flops!

Haiku 164

Sparkling on the peg

Calling me across the store

Buy me! Buy me! Buy!

My new flip flops have sparkly straps and the moment I saw them in the shop, I knew I had to have them. 95 mais palavras


Out they come - in a little while

The Weekly word prompt: Christmas
Ragtag Daily Prompt Friday: Decorated

I get the Christmas “Bears” out and the lovely wooden Nativity every year.

The Christmas “Bears” guard the box of presents


Light ~ Honoré Dupuis #writephoto

In this blinding light, on such a bright morning, I seek your smile, a sign, even a shard of memory.

Where are you, in this, or another world? 17 mais palavras


Pumpkin Truck

Pumpkin Truck | Colfax, WA | November 2019

Roadside whimsy for the pleasure of passers-by is, in my book, an act of extreme generosity. Those Sasquatch cutouts in the middle of cow pastures don’t tromp out there by themselves. 75 mais palavras


Floral Friday

Floral Friday with this shot of a Southern Peony (rose) from the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. I was working up there a year ago.