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The Controls of the Unknown: People’s Fear of Not having Supremacy

People fear loss of fortune, loss of autonomy, loss of freedom, and many other things, as well as thoughts. Ultimately, people fear not having control of the unknown, and fear itself is certainly unknown. 719 mais palavras


"Six Signs of Scientism": where I disagree with Haack - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and...

I came across this article, “Six Signs of Scientism,” by philosopher Susan Haack from 2009. I think I’m in general agreement with Haack’s views—science has made amazing progress over the centuries but “like all human enterprises, science is ineradicably is fallible and imperfect. 34 mais palavras


Tracing Traits of Fear

People, have different characteristics that they do not realize they have. Being afraid, brings out unique traits. Fear intensifies and unveils courage, natural instincts, rational or individual reasoning, and strength, in mankind. 472 mais palavras


The different chakric realms

7c = Realm of Nirvana
6c = Realm of Enlightenment
5c = Realm of Jnana/Wisdom
4c = Realm of Devotion
3c = Realm of Identity (inc. 15 mais palavras


Pencil's Down (AKA Emily Once Again Waxes Sentimental)

Writing is a funny thing really. I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. Well maybe that can’t be true because writing is technically a learned skill, but to be honest I stand by this statement. 344 mais palavras

The Illegal Age by Ellen Hinsey

The Illegal Age by Ellen Hinsey, the Autumn 2018 Poetry Book Society choice, is a unique read. A poetic exploration of human atrocity, this collection (or ‘sequence’) pits rationality against the unimaginable with uneasy results. 553 mais palavras