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Petrobras: 2018's Class Action Deflategate

OPERATION CAR WASH: How a Corruption Scandal in Brazil Means Recovery to Investors in the United States

In 2014, the Federal Police Force of Brazil began investigating black market dealers, known in Brazil as doleiros, who used small businesses like gas stations and car washes for laundering profits. 430 mais palavras

Petrobras News Notes Ratings

Yesterday both Moody’s and S&P released their rating of Petrobras Global Finance B.V.’s proposed new global notes, which will be unconditionally guaranteed by Petrobras.  Moody’s gave it a Ba3 rating accompanying the rationale behind it that the Ba3 global scale rating reflect the high debt levels and business plan execution risk and, to a lesser extent, potential negative impact from fines related to the Lava Jato investigation. 72 mais palavras


Petrobras is Preparing Pre-Salt Mega Tender

Last Friday, it was announced that Petrobras subsidiary Petrobras Global Finance registered a 6K-form with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as the initial step to a tender of pre-salt fields in which the company will raise revenue to an early payment of securities due in 2019. 123 mais palavras


It's Not Looking Good For Brazil's Ex-President Lula

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For a long time, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was the most popular president in all the Americas — more popular than George W. 1.072 mais palavras

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Keppel O&M bribery case: What you need to know

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For giving bribes of more than US$50 million over 13 years to officials in Brazil in exchange for business deals, Keppel Offshore & Marine has been slapped with a staggering US$422 million fine. 2.167 mais palavras

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MARUAH: Consequences of corruption are multi-faceted and impact on all human rights

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MARUAH’s statement in full

We refer to the TODAY article (Keppel O&M corruption case a black eye for Singapore Inc., 27 Dec 2017) and wish to highlight the negative effects of Keppel Offshore & Marine’s (KOM) corrupt practices on human rights and development. 431 mais palavras

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Three Big Presidential Elections Investors Will Be Watching In 2018

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Three big emerging markets, whose corporate stocks and sovereign bonds are traded by millions of Americans every day, are trading in their presidents next year. 1.232 mais palavras

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