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Pepsi: Skinny is Beauty

Pepsi has been a widely consumed soft drink in America since its creation in 1893. It has undergone extensive changes in its shape and form throughout the years, including the introduction of the skinny diet Pepsi can in 2011. 893 mais palavras


Lemon Berry Acai - Stubborn Soda

My favorite Stubborn Soda so far. The past two that I tried (Black Cherry Tarragon and Root Beer) were fine, but they didn’t set high expectations for the brand in general. 347 mais palavras


A Federal Court Has Blocked Cities From Putting Cigarette-Style Ads On Soda

The war on sugar is in its infancy. It’s only recently that discoveries about Big Sugar’s malfeasant ways have come to light. Turns out the reason you think fat is the worst part of our food is that Big Sugar wanted to deflect blame for America’s failing health away from themselves. 360 mais palavras

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A Load of Bull: how RBMA is at odds with its founder's beliefs

Remember that appalling Pepsi advert this April—the one where Kendall Jenner singlehandedly diffuses some generic protest with a blue can of cola? Upon its release, increasingly more people quickly denounced the spot for its tone-deaf co-optation of the iconography of grassroots activism like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter. 971 mais palavras

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Dear Virat,

My 9 year old son and I are huge fans of yours. I am writing this open letter to you  as a father and a fan. 1.077 mais palavras

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Battle Of The Bands - Beginning of a new musical era!

Bringing back good music to the country, Pepsi Battle of the bands kick started on 30th July and with the very first trailer it gave us goosebumps featuring Atif, Fawad and Meesha in it. 375 mais palavras


And the winner is...

A few weeks ago, I asked all you wonderful kingdomites to join in a game of blogosphere tug-of-war…  In this addition, the contest was between Team Coke and Team Pepsi. 150 mais palavras