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Pepsi and Coke battle for the lead among losers

Still cranking out profits from carbonated water and sugar

Americans bought less soda for the 10th straight year in 2014…An annual report by the industry tracker Beverage Digest found that overall soda volume slipped 0.9% last year, moderating from the decline of 3% the previous year.

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Pepsi Just Passed Diet Coke As The 2nd Most Popular Soda

Coke basically owns the market when it comes to the most popular soda. It was the most popular soda in the country last year and it’s pretty much #1 every year. 71 mais palavras


Brand Loyalty

We all stay loyal to a certain brand. Whether it is what we drink, restaurant we eat at even down to the brand of underwear we choose. 336 mais palavras


Americans Losing Taste For Artificial Sweeteners, Pepsi Retakes #2 Sales Spot

Recently released data about the beverage industry tells us some interesting things. Plain old high fructose corn syrup-laden Coke is the top-selling soda in the United States, but its calorie-free cousin has to give up its silver medal: Regular Pepsi is now the #2 seller out of all fizzy non-alcoholic drinks, following an overall trend against diet sodas. 192 mais palavras

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Pepsi-Cola passes Diet Coke to be the No. 2 soda in the U.S.

Pepsi-Cola passes Diet Coke to be the No. 2 soda in the U.S.

Pepsi-Cola for the first time IN THE HISTORY OF SOFT DRINK to become the second Diet Coke fell to No. 3, with a soda market.


U.S. soda sales dropped for the 10th straight year in 2014

Sales of carbonated soft drinks slid for the tenth straight year in 2014 as Pepsi and Coca Cola each posted modest declines, according to a key industry report that showed volume has now settled to levels last seen in the mid 1990s. 338 mais palavras



I am wide awake.

And this time it’s not because I drank a cappuccino at three o’clock in the afternoon.

I have basically been caffeine free for almost a year because apparently it’s bad for a developing foetus. 355 mais palavras