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Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Doesn't Care For Beyonce Doing Sponsorship Deals With Pepsi

Bon Iver maestro Justin Vernon would prefer if Pepsi and the almighty Beyoncé kept their distance from one another. (No, Vernon is not a co-owner of RC Cola. 345 mais palavras

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Pepsi Presents "Phone Number"

Pepsi has recently taken full advantage of the hype surrounding Antonio Brown that has followed him since his record-breaking season last year. In its most recent commercial, Pepsi looks to associate the feeling of scoring a touchdown to that of scoring a phone number. 205 mais palavras

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PepsiCo Adds Probiotic Jolt to Tropicana

PepsiCo has got a new twist planned for Tropicana juice: live microorganisms.

The Big Food conglomerate is launching the Tropicana Essentials Probiotics, a move to expand the brand into a subcategory of the juice aisle that has seen rapid growth—so-called “functional juices.” Those beverages are selling strongly as consumers look for more nutritional benefits in the foods and drinks they consume. 723 mais palavras


Pepsi’s First Restaurant Isn’t What You’d Expect

PepsiCo opened the company’s first-ever restaurant this week in Manhattan’s trendy Chelsea neighborhood. There wasn’t a single Lay’s potato chip, Dorito, or Pepsi bottle in sight. 604 mais palavras


Flipping the Approach: How Pepsi Is Using Packaging to Drive Advertising, Instead of the Other Way Around

In India, the battle for shares of the growing cola market is intense. But the target market of Indian consumers who might be interested in a Coke or Pepsi also are savvy, modern buyers, who are inundated with marketing communications in traditional channels like television. 311 mais palavras

Chapter 11: Product Branding And Packaging Decisions

Lemon Water vs. Cola 


I know I knowwwwwwww! Soda, in particular my favorites Pepsi/Coke is THE WORST, but I swear I hear angels singing soon as I get a whiff, sip or a look. 353 mais palavras

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