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Paris Jackson Goes Au Naturale Doing Topless Yoga In The Desert -- Pics

Paris Jackson was doing some hot yoga on Sept 14 — literally. The sexy young star shared pics of her becoming one with nature while going topless in the desert. 290 mais palavras


Topless Paris Jackson soaks in the sun

Paris Jackson on Thursday shared a series of clips on her Instagram account documenting a road tip she took to Joshua Tree, California, a breathtaking desert community about 130 miles west of Los Angeles. 39 mais palavras

Paris Jackson topless shows off her new chest tattoo

Seems like Paris Jackson has been getting a lot of ink and she’s made it clear “if are offends you, you shouldn’t be on this page ” she went topless on her Instagram to show off her brand new chest tattoo what is your thoughts?


A plague of Dior boxers on your houses

Who doesn’t love some classic Dior? The house of iconic Oscar dresses, beautiful haute couture and lately, garbage bags posing as clothing. Which is to say, I think Dior is worried that it’s becoming obsolete, and so it’s going out of its way to market to millennials. 342 mais palavras


Paris Jackson Goes Full Frontal Topless To Reveal New Spiritual Tattoos -- Pic

When it comes to tattoos it seems Paris Jackson wants unique designs in unique places. The starlet revealed her latest ink on Instagram on Sept. 2 and while the tattoos themselves were eye-catching, the most startling part of the pic was she went totally topless! 299 mais palavras


How Stereotypes Are Ridiculous And Boring

Body positivity is a hot topic in the news. From curvy models to hairy celebs, our society is slowing changing it’s impossible beauty standards. There is still a long way to go, however, as shown in the recent headlines, either congratulating or dismissing the brave people going against social norms. 458 mais palavras


Paris Jackson – a hairy situation*

I’m not one to usually follow too much celebrity, however the push back Paris Jackson has recently been getting has been in some of my feeds and came up on the BBC news feed. 445 mais palavras