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Pablo Neruda: Soneto II

AMOR, quantos caminhos até chegar a um beijo,
que solidão errante até a tua companhia!
Seguem os trens sozinhos rodando com a chuva.
Em Taltal não amanhece ainda a primavera. 76 mais palavras


Rejecting Solipsism

In a world so conveniently organised
there is no need for charm or chat-up lines,
all the young have to do is swipe
and rate their lives on the number of likes. 226 mais palavras


MTB - Neruda and the free verse sonnet

We are all poets and we know what a sonnet is. Don’t we?

Everyone knows that a sonnet rhymes, and there are rhyme schemes.
Everyone knows that a sonnet is written in meter. 344 mais palavras


Strong Wings

My neighbor stops by while I’m weeding my kale seedlings, asking what’s this? and this? and then stands where mulched blueberry plants edge up against a wild spread of field, heading down the back hill. 57 mais palavras


Perhaps not to be

Perhaps not to be is to be without your being,
without your going, that cuts noon light 
like a blue flower, without your passing  83 mais palavras

V ash mo(ve)ments

i. She asks: Why does the sky turn ashen in the evening?
I say: Because you have not watered the flowers.
Mahmoud Darwish

ii. The Azimuth… 128 mais palavras



We will never be without a heart

We share one

The flow of love never disrupted

Time cannot interrupt its beating

Life is made of interchangeable parts… 48 mais palavras