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Naruto Shippuden 269

“Forbidden Words ” Atsui, Samui, and Darui face off against Kinkaku and Ginkaku, the legendary brothers from the Hidden Cloud, feared even by the Raikage.
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In a World Without Tragedy - Infinite Tsukuyomi

In a world with tragedy, Madara Uchiha tries his best in order to free the world and rid it off all the tragedy, sorrow and pain which everyone lives in the normal world. 81 mais palavras


Anime baru setelah naruto apa lagi ya Pencipta Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, mengungkap rencana untuk karya berikutnya

Masahi Kishimoto mulai mengerjakan spin-off Boruto setelah menyelesaikan manga Naruto, tapi ia telah memutuskan apa yang akan ia ciptakan berikutnya dan ia berharap itu akan lebih besar dari… 293 mais palavras


Infinite Tsukuyomi Activated! Yamato's Dream - Naruto Shippuden 426

Naruto Shippuden 426 see’s the activation of the Infinite Tsukuyomi as Madara Uchiha unleashes his wrath upon the whole world in an effort to use the moon to shine his jutsu upon every corner of the world. 498 mais palavras


Naruto Shippuden 279

“White Zetsu’s Trap”
Kiba, Shino, and Hinata are sent to investigate an area where the Akatsuki are supposedly getting through. There, the three are ambushed by a White Zetsu and get separated.
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ETC.TV: Naruto Shippuden gets good audience results

New Post has been published on Ragzon

Good news for all fans of Naruto. The Chilean channel ETC … TV has contacted us to tell us that in its first week, Naruto Shippuden has been successful hearing.

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