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Sandstone Soap

Not the most exciting looking or smelling soap ut I really like this one. The sand in the soap gives a nice exfoliation which I like, my skin feels really polished and clean. 6 mais palavras

Must Have

You've Been Mangoed Bath Oil

A solid bath oil and this was really nice. It takes a while to dissolvee and splits into a green part and a yellow part. Not much smell but it made the water lovely and soft. 7 mais palavras

Must Have

Dream Cream Body Lotion

This is one of the staples of LUSH I think and it’s easy to see why. Goes on smoothly, absorbs well and leaveS the skin feeling soft. 15 mais palavras

Must Have

Jason and the Argan Oil Solid Shampoo Bar

This really works, it lathers up with just two or three strokes over my wet hair and produces lovely rich lather. It seems to last forever as well, definitely one to keep especially for going away

Must Have

The Comforter Bubble Bar

Oh this is a winner, no wonder it’s so popular. First it’s a huge bar so you can get loads out of it, and it works well with other bubble bars. 40 mais palavras

Must Have

Ayesha Face Mask

This is one of the fresh masks and hence is kept in the fridge. It smells OKs and goes on smoothly, you do look like a soldier with camouflage on. 21 mais palavras

Must Have

Drugstore must haves

Hey Guys,

I recently done a blog on my favourite high end make-up brands. I think it is only fair that I do my drugstore must haves. 481 mais palavras