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Throwback Thursday: MTV in the early 90's (at Mary Washington College).

You are really getting old if you can remember when MTV was cool.  In the first half of the 1990’s, MTV had it all: weird, varying animated logos; Tabitha Soren; “MTV Unplugged,” which I still enjoy via Youtube today; “Liquid Television;” the sometimes priceless “Beavis and Butthead;” the always priceless “Aeon Flux;” and the bizarre promos featuring “Jimmy the Cab Driver.”  (The date on the embedded video below is incorrect; Jimmy was annoying his fares in the 90’s — not the 80’s.) 280 mais palavras

What if Use Your Illusion wasn't a double album...

I have been a Guns N’ Roses fan for most of my life. When Appetite for Destruction came out I was a moody teenager and that record became the soundtrack of my life. 1.333 mais palavras

Joshua Lobdell

Number Twenty-One: I Miss My MTV (The Music)

Other than Saturday morning cartoons, I didn’t watch much television as a child. Then again, there wasn’t much on the tube back in those days. Game shows, soap operas, and news dominated the broadcast channels, and cable programming was still in its infancy. 1.256 mais palavras


Remembering Kurt Cobain

Today, 20th February 2017 would have been the 50th birthday for the music icon. While many today still find his music inspirational, I find it almost hard to believe I am older now than what Kurt ever was and I still find him a massive influence on my musical taste. 531 mais palavras


Frances Bean Cobain Files Lawsuit To Return Fathers' MTV Unplugged Guitar.

Frances Bean Cobain has filed court documents to return her fathers MTV Unplugged guitar from estranged husband Isaiah Silva.

Last summer she announced her intention to seek the return of her father’s Martin D-18E acoustic guitar. 59 mais palavras


Se conmemora el 25 aniversario del lanzamiento del MTV Unplugged de Eric Clapton 

Para muchos, el mejor guitarrista de la historia, pues Eric Clapton es de esos guitarristas que con tres acordes, te pueden componer una canción con demasiado feeling, sin necesidad de explotar todas las técnicas de la guitarra. 30 mais palavras


Live Video of the Day: Prince - The Art of Musicology Medley (MTV Unplugged)

If you have seen his scorch the earth guitar solo on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame celebrity jam of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” you already know that Prince is an extremely underrated guitar player.   34 mais palavras