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I chose to dress like this. I chose to speak like that. I chose my career that satisfies me. I chose to be feminine. 531 mais palavras

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¿Cuáles cosas son importantes para Dios?

En nuestra vida diaria es indispensable siempre tener presente lo que Dios verdaderamente considera importante para que llevemos una existencia relevante y de impacto. 3.131 mais palavras


Ideologies, discrimination and the Spiral of Silence


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Jordan B. Peterson, clinical psychologist, college professor, academic and recent controversial celebrity in the discussion of Canadian Bill C-16 and Human Rights Law, once said that “ideologies […] are like crippled religions. 483 mais palavras

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A day without technologies

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I tried on a Friday and failed. I tried on a Saturday and failed once more. And even though I expected it to be easier to achieve on a Sunday, the results were no different. 167 mais palavras

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El Castigo de Moisés

Moisés sacó al pueblo de Israel de Egipto por orden de Dios. Fueron camino hacia la Tierra Prometida siguiendo cada paso según Dios les iba dirigiendo. 838 mais palavras


the coolest

Moises Arias is one of the best photographers ever, in my opinion anyway. One of your favourite pictures of Jaden Smith or Kylie Jenner was probably taken by him, and you didn’t even notice. 90 mais palavras



Cuando movían el Arca, decía Moisés: “Levántate, oh Eterno, y haz que Tus enemigos se dispersen y quienes te aborrecen huyan de Tu presencia”. (36) Y cuando el Arca se posaba, decía: “Vuélvete, oh Eterno, hacia los millares de millares de Israel”.  4.773 mais palavras