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Isabelle Huppert & Michael Haneke On Their 'Happy End' - Cannes Studio

Teaming for the fourth time, Oscar nominee Isabelle Huppert and Oscar winner Michael Haneke are back at the Cannes Film Festival where it all started. That was back in 2001 with… 399 mais palavras

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If I were a filmmaker, I would not like to be invited to a festival along with Michael Haneke.

The Austrian filmmaker’s previous two films, … 638 mais palavras

Isabelle Huppert Sings "Happy Birthday" to Cannes. It Is Serious, Funny, Operatic, Joyous, and Mournful.

At Cannes yesterday evening, Isabelle Huppert played co-host for the festival’s 70th anniversary celebration, and sang “Happy Birthday” to…Cannes. The moment was captured by a few people on social media, and while it’s brief, it also feels like something of a portrait of Huppert at her Huppert-iest. 321 mais palavras


Cache (2005) "Where Stillness Meets Mayhem"

Starring:- Daniel Auteuil, Juliette Binoche, Maurice Benichou, Lester Makedonsky, Walid Afkir, Annie Giradot, Daniel Duval, Bernard Le Coq.

Directed by:- Michael Haneke.

Imagine yourself sitting alone in an empty train compartment, staring straight ahead. 1.287 mais palavras

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Cannes Film Review: 'Happy End'

Michael Haneke is up to his old tricks in “Happy End,” a movie that finds the chilly Austrian maestro returning to obsessions that have haunted his earlier work — from cultural nihilism to bourgeois solipsism, cold-hearted murder to compassionate end-of-life solutions — and in at least one case, continuing a story left unresolved in his previous film, “Amour.” 1.072 mais palavras


Psixoseksual şah əsər: Piano Müəllimi

Mixail Hanekenin 2001-ci il istehsalı narahatedici trillerinə bir baxış:

Mixail Haneke şah əsəri olan “Piano müəllimi” (The Piano Teacher) filmində gücün və hakimiyyətin dinamikası ilə münasibətdəki cinsi dinamikanı kəşf edir. 2.028 mais palavras