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Funny Games (2008)

A pair of young sociopaths take a young family hostage and force them to endure a series of torturous mind games for their own amusement. 233 mais palavras


Benny's Video

Benny’s Video

(Regie: Michael Haneke – Österreich/Schweiz, 1992)

Der 13-jährige Gymnasiast Benny lebt in einer in sich abgeschlossenen High-Tech-Wohlstandswelt. Sein Alltag wird bestimmt von Action- und Gewaltfilmen, Videospielen und Musik.

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[SOR] Kelley Eskridge's "And Salome Danced"

Having spent far too much time complaining about genre culture’s unhealthy addiction to meta-textual writing and the VanderMeers’ decision to demonstrate this dependency in the form of back-to-back deconstructed folk tales, … 2.158 mais palavras

Science Fiction

Filmmakers Under the Influence: Gleb Osatinksi

From Tarkovsky to Haneke (and beyond) with the director of THE QUANTIFIED SELF.
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Amour (2012) - Flashback Friday Review

The critically acclaimed Michael Haneke directs Amour, in which an old married couple must face the vulnerabilities of old age, since the wife has a stroke. 350 mais palavras

The Feature Creature

Funny Games (1997)

“You shouldn’t forget the importance of entertainment.”

Nine years ago, I remember seeing a trailer on TV for Funny Games, a 2007 horror flick about a home invasion and a wager that the family involved would not live to see the morning. 932 mais palavras


Dreams about art and spectatorship

A piece about film, art and truth, originally written as part of my masters research in 2011.

What does art ‘do’? How does it do it, and why? 1.563 mais palavras