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I got back to this one and finally I can call it done. I decided to re-work a lot of it and take it all the way as a look dev piece. 15 mais palavras

Rain Freeman, Hamstar Extraordinaire

Adorable hamster-sized cabin made by the almighty Mau, and fancy photos by the magical Miss Mari. <3 All modeling done by Rain Freeman. And yes, it’s exhausting to be that cute.


Cheerful Amnesia Chapter 6

Cheerful Amnesia Chapter 6

明るい記憶喪失 Seventh Chapter of the Amnesia story A Yuri Comedy written by Oku Tamamushi and published in Comic Cune Magazine.

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Backyard Sleeping

Today I am grateful for this picture of Peggy, Mari and I sleeping out on the grass in the backyard. We were all adults at the time, it was fun to re-live our youths. 19 mais palavras

Margery's Memories