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Recently, I read that the only 2 species that play with, or torment their prey prior to killing them are cats and humans.  At this blog, we give a pass to the felines, but we expect more from the humans. 768 mais palavras


Pesado flirts with angels, interrogates machismo

You know how it is. One week you’re delivering a PowerPoint presentation on how young hat acts deconstruct traditional machismo (Coming soon! Watch this space!), then the next week you’re looking up old hat acts on Allmusic.com when you run across an intriguing passage like… 613 mais palavras


Redefinir la violencia


No soy jurista. Quiero dejar clara esta cuestión desde el principio porque, dadas las exigencias de los últimos días, parece una declaración pertinente y necesaria, aunque en ningún caso es una disculpa. 995 mais palavras

What does Machismo mean for MSM?

The relationship between machismo and MSM is a multifaceted relationship which builds on a couple of concepts we have explored thus far. This interconnection of themes we have discussed above calls into question the stigma machismo has generated for non-heterosexual men. 556 mais palavras

Latin America

Homophobia in Latin America

Homosexuality inherently rejects the traditional framework put forth by machismo culture. Although sexuality and gender performance should not be directly correlated, it often times is throughout Latin America, as illustrated through the rigid nature of machismo. 336 mais palavras

Latin America


Many scholars have examined the role the stigma forged by machismo culture and politics plays in the detection and treatment of HIV in Latin America amid men who have sex with men (MSM). 482 mais palavras

Latin America

Sleep machismo and the danger of blind spots. | 004/100

I’m one of those guys who white knuckles his way through tiredness. Whether I’ve been on a flight, working late or just out the night before sinking beers until 4am, when the next morning rolls around I… 731 mais palavras

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