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It has been a long time since my last blog post. I’ve written posts offline, but I haven’t published any because… well, they are angry. I’ve tried and failed to find some relatable nugget in there, but they just sit there, my angry little posts, reminding me that I miss writing and posting, and that I just don’t know how to move past the 2 enormous things preventing me from doing either: 985 mais palavras


A luta de todos contra todos ? Ou a luta de um contra todos ? #machismo #themaskwelivein #bullying

Pra quem nunca teve o prazer de ler Hobbes deixo o link do wikipedia. Como base na faculdade para estudar relações internacionais, tivemos, claro, que estudar ciências politicas. 723 mais palavras


Machismo/Patriarchy/Male Chauvinism: Call It What You Want, Sexism is Not to Be Accepted

A typical day for a volunteer walking down the street in Nicaragua:

“SSSSSSSSSSSsssssss…. “Chela!” “Sexy!” “I love you baby…” “Give me your number, I deserve it.” “Sleep with me!” … 519 mais palavras

Peace Corps

Na balada

Olá Princesa.


Você vem sempre aqui? Posso te pagar um drinque?

(…) E agora? (disse após algum tempo, fazendo uma interjeição desesperada) 640 mais palavras


El tema que no cambia en la sociedad mexicana: el machismo


A lo largo del tiempo se ha buscado la igualdad de género, pero hoy en día, en la sociedad mexicana no se ha logrado ver un verdadero avance ante esta situación. 632 mais palavras


Why Camp CHACA is Important in Nicaragua: DONATE NOW!

In January, I was a co-director for GAD’s girls camp, Camp GLOW. The benefits of this camp are plain to see; in a world where women are consistently held back, whether it is acknowledged or systemically ingrained in our cultures and the way we treat each other, what could be wrong with giving girls an opportunity to learn about their bodies, flex their leadership muscles and participate in their own sassy and inspiring “Women’s March” in the beautiful mountains of Nicaragua. 670 mais palavras

Sexual Reproductive Health

La construcción del machista

Esta es la historia de Pablito, un niño como cualquier otro. Normalmente es bueno, pero a veces es un poco travieso, como todos los demás… 712 mais palavras