Gender Liberation

In the warm, welcoming home where I spent my three months of Peace Corps training, there was always lots of activity. Early in the morning, sometimes before dawn, my host dad and brother would rise to fill up all of the water storage containers, knowing that they had to accomplish this task early before the water stopped coming through the pipes in the late morning. 828 mais palavras

Peace Corps

The Gravity of Femicides in Nicaragua

As a foreigner watching the nightly news in Nicaragua, I sometimes find it to be gruesome. Coverage of motor accidents, shocking court cases, and murders are reported to a presumably desensitized audience. 466 mais palavras

Peace Corps

Vamos falar (mais uma vez) sobre machismo?

Não é de hoje, né pessoal. A mulher ainda tem salário inferior a homens na MESMA POSIÇÃO e CARGO em diversas empresas. 443 mais palavras


I'm not your muñeca

When I read “You Wouldn’t Understand” by José Emilio Pacheco, I was incredibly uncomfortable. It reminded me of what I experienced and witnessed throughout my childhood. 177 mais palavras


He de confesar que a mis años estoy totalmente arrepentido del tiempo de mi vida que le dediqué a los asuntos religiosos. Fui criado y educado en un ambiente católico y de devoción espiritual.

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