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mumble, yell, cackle

“You love direct and continuous narration, a regular and fluid style, and this book and my style are like drunkards, they stagger left and right, they walk and stop, mumble, yell, cackle, shake their fists at the sky, stumble, and fall …” 9 mais palavras


to escape life

“What is there between life and death? A short bridge. Nevertheless, if I hadn’t put this chapter together the reader would have suffered a strong shock, quite harmful to the effect of the book. 70 mais palavras


Love and Loss in South America

Dom Casmurro by Machado de Assis

Sometimes with books there’s a kind of serendipity: you stumble upon something new-to-you and interesting in a charity shop which turns out to be a really great read; you find a little novella in a bookshop by the same author which is excellent; and then a lovely publisher brings out a new edition of the author’s best-known work. 866 mais palavras

my bibliomaniac’s delight

“He found the volume by chance in the rundown shop of a second-hand book dealer. He bought it for two hundred réis. He inquired, investigated, searched about, and came to discover that I was a one-and-only copy … One and only! 93 mais palavras


a useless chapter

But, I’m either mistaken or I’ve just written a useless chapter.”

— Machado de Assis, The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas


virtue is indolent and niggardly

“Rita concurred, formulating, in ill-composed words of her own, this thought: virtue is indolent and niggardly, wasting neither time nor paper; only self-interest is alert and prodigal.” 8 mais palavras


a Caesar or a Cromwell

“He closes the book, looks at it, looks at it again, goes to the window and holds it up to the sun. A one-and-only copy. At that moment, passing under the window is a Caesar or a Cromwell on the path to power. 35 mais palavras