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Mini-series: Gender-Locking - Part One

For the past few years, I’ve noticed a trend in free-to-play MMOs. No, not the trend to be like World of Warcraft; a different trend. 316 mais palavras

Missed Opportunities

IJJI Lunia :D

Information about Lunia
Lunia, in contrast to many MMORPGs currently on the market, is played much like an action video game. The player is free to move around in-game using the arrow keys or a game-pad rather than a mouse cursor (freeing the user from the typical… 339 mais palavras


Lunia Receives Graphics Update

I think I’ve seen a review for this game long ago before otherwise it’s new to me. I watched a video of some game play and I’m seriously considering taking this game up. 328 mais palavras

Gaming News


You know… After playing Megaten for so long — I nearly jizzed when I could SIT on a goddamn CHAIR.

That aside, Lunia is really promising. 319 mais palavras

Lunia Online


So I decided to pick up Lunia after being dragged in there by Viro. It’s pretty fun playing an arcade style MMO for once. It’s pretty nicely put together and it’s got quite a bit of thinking involved. 55 mais palavras


Mana & Lunia Team Up

We recently teamed up with ijji.com to offer virtual versions of Mana Energy Potions inside their MMORPG, Lunia! To add onto the awesomeness, if players purchase 100 in-game Mana Energy Potions, they will also receive a Mana Title (granting +25 to Int) and a real 4 pack of Mana! 104 mais palavras

Mana Energy Potion