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Trailer Reaction - Wonder Woman Trailer 2

Oh what a wonderful morning! Coffee in hand, Britt excitedly prepares to watch Wonder Woman’s second trailer.

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Brett Jolly's Daily Thought ("Halloween and other traditions")

For many people here in the United States yesterday was “Halloween.” This is normally a day when little kids (and adults who like to act like little kids) go door to door to houses, ring the doorbells and say “Trick or treat” in hopes of receiving candy or other goods. 453 mais palavras

Time for a new National Symbol

I wanted to find a symbol that might depict for all people the feeling of people of color in America surrounding the unjustified shootings and violence and discrimination and institutional racism which is recently being spoken against in our public arenas and in the streets. 1.366 mais palavras


EastEnders viewers left shocked and angry as Dean is found NOT GUILTY in rape trial

EastEnders viewers have been left reeling after Dean Wicks’ rape trial ended in a not guilty verdict.

Friday evening’s episode of the soap saw the character acquitted – much to the shock of Linda and Roxy Mitchell, not to mention the rest of Walford. 756 mais palavras


Brett Jolly's Daily Thought ("The diversities of life")

Have you ever really noticed just how “different” people are? We come in different shades of color, sizes, languages and customs. We all appear to have different traits that set us apart from each other. 481 mais palavras