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EastEnders: New Love For Jack?

Jack Branning has had his fair share of troubles of late, losing his beloved wife Ronnie and left to bring up three kids all alone. Few would begrudge the ex copper a silver lining and perhaps that could come in the form of a new relationship. 372 mais palavras


EastEnders Needs Danny Dyer.... Here's Why

Social media can be a funny place to gauge fan opinion of TV shows and characters. On the one hand they appear to give a small representation of fan views and can act as a guide for execs making the big important decisions. 555 mais palavras


EastEnders: 5 Questions Every Fan Needs To Ask Themselves


The BBC’s flagship show is taking us all for mugs. Every story since Sean O’Connor’s arrival has jarred heavily with what we know and love about Albert Square and it’s characters. 188 mais palavras


Wonder Woman S:01 E:05

Today’s episode of Wonder Woman is a Part II. In the 70’s, TV episodes that were “the exciting conclusion” often began with a recap of the previous week’s episode. 766 mais palavras

Wonder Woman

EastEnders: More Deaths To Follow After Sylvie Shock?

Bravo EastEnders….two GOOD episodes in a row have now been shown and surely it can’t be a co-incidence that both aired right after the departure of Danny Dyer. 538 mais palavras


Monday's Movie Trailer: 'Wonder Woman'

Wonder Woman sure has come a long way since the Linda Carter days.

This is what Wonder Woman looked like in the TV series that ran from 1975 until 1979 on ABC: 94 mais palavras


RIP Mick Carter: How EastEnders Ruined It's Best Alpha Male Character In A Decade

RIP Mick Carter!…. No the Queen Vic landlord played by Danny Dyer is not physically dead but after the last few months and tonight’s shocking ending he may as well be. 795 mais palavras