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Analysis of "The Hollow Men"

In this post, I flesh out my understanding of and reaction to T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men” which can be read entirely here.

Like any good pretentious poet, I keep some of T.S. 1.308 mais palavras


How's the Cottage Coming Along?

The other night I had a dream in which both my sister-in-law and I shaved our heads bald.  I texted her and told her about it and gave my own, uneducated psychological diagnosis for the dream which was “we’re losing our shit.”  The funny thing was, even though she had shaved her head she still looked gorgeous with long, flowing locks.  534 mais palavras

Main House

Let go, let God

Don’t be afraid to let go of mistakes, no matter how long you’ve spent making them.

– Arch Hades


Who Are You to Judge?

“Who are you to judge me?” Aubrey demanded.

“She’s sixteen,” his sister retorted.

“And I’m twenty-eight.”

“She’s a minor.”

“I know.”

“End your relationship.” 126 mais palavras


2a) About me and update

So what’s new in my world. Or a rather a quick update on and about me. So single as of February with a 3 and a half year relationship ending in friendship. 618 mais palavras


Life Letter

Dear Life,

These past few months have been rough. I suffered betrayal and paranoia. I grappled with a paralyzing fear of mortality while staring into uncertainty. 371 mais palavras



Toby Keith has a song, As Good as I once Wasas it is a country party song about someone reminiscing to their bad old days of barroom fights we miss the wisdom. 574 mais palavras