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I’ve talked a lot about my problems, My life, anxiety.. Anxiety disorder is different for everyone who has it, has a different intensity and therefore it’s hard to accurately describe what it feels like to someone. 349 mais palavras


The complexities and simplicities of mornings.

And life does run by twist and turn

Where hopes are born, whilst dreams they burn

The waking thought that sparks desire

Is bed mate to a dying fire… 27 mais palavras


The goal..

is to keep learning and growing.


Anonymous: A Different Lens on Toxic Friendships

I know people are probably tired of hearing about how some friendships can be toxic but really, toxic friendships are a thing but so are the enablers… 271 mais palavras

Soul Stuff

New song of Earth

A New Earth, A new Song

We never imagined, the extend of freedom in (I AM SOUL), in our conditional thinking, believing and living. Until Now, that inner and outer are unified, dance and the dancer became one. 160 mais palavras


if i love you

if I love You,
intentely and madly,
You’ll love Me back, won’t You?
with the same madness?

if I love You,
like the first rain of the season, 121 mais palavras