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Ice Cream and Movies

There is a tub of chocolate ice cream waiting in the freezer for me. I bought it during a trip to the local store with our youngest daughter this evening. 400 mais palavras


As Expected

Written by Jacob Ibrag

As expected. If it all goes

accordingly, take a step back and

appreciate the mess. Controlled chaos

painted on each brick. Running lipstick on… 35 mais palavras


Madness and Innocence - Part 23

For the 22th part click here.

Madness pulled her close.

“The joys of humour escaping the lips. Add a pinch of wit and it all brews into something lovelier. 413 mais palavras

Short Stories


Oh, how good she looks.

Her hair all wet,

Her bathing suit fitting just right.

Her blue eyes full of joy and hunger for more. 42 mais palavras


8 Things Perfectionists with Anxiety Do in Relationships

I want to preface this piece by saying that the list I have compiled here is based solely off my own experiences. I am the classic type A, Enneagram 1, and while all of these have been true at some point or another in my life, they may not be true for everyone. 1.121 mais palavras

June 21 - 25

Dear Diary,

I am really stressed. My shifts keep changing at work so I’m having a hard time building a customer base. That’s not helping me make money. 235 mais palavras