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Brazil: Growing Federal Role in Security

By Marcus Rocha*

Brazilian President Temer is increasing the armed forces’ role in security matters, especially in Rio de Janeiro, in what appears to be a populist measure to increase his odds in the October election should he decide to run.  735 mais palavras

Will this be the last election of Brazil's New Republic?

The first 2018 presidential election poll has been released today (31 January). It is also the first since Lula’s conviction was upheld by a regional court on 24 January. 2.014 mais palavras



Corrupção. Definitivamente a palavra mais ouvida e comentada no país no ano de 2017.
A corrupção esteve em todas as pautas jornalísticas, em todas as análises empresariais e de mercado, nas redes sociais, nas famílias, nas conversas de bar. 1.273 mais palavras


Peru: PPK Survives, But Political Crisis Deepens

By Carlos Monge*

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s commutation of former President Alberto Fujimori’s prison sentence – in exchange for some fujimorista support against his impeachment by Congress on corruption charges – has thrown the country’s politics into a tailspin and increased the prospects of prolonged national crisis. 649 mais palavras

Perú decreta prisión preventiva para ejecutivos relacionados a Odebrecht

El magistrado Richard Concepción Carhuancho dictó la cárcel para directivos de Graña y Montero, JJC Contratistas Generales e Ingenieros Civiles y Contratistas Generales, indagados por los delitos de “colusión agravada y lavado de activos”. 403 mais palavras

Global Justice

Brazil corruption probe could be in final phase: "It's essential in 2018 that every voter acts carefully and supports the anti-corruption agenda."


© AFP | A leading prosecutor in Brazil’s massive “Lava Jato” corruption probe says next year’s elections will determine the fate of the fight to hold officials accountable, as seen in this protest November 17… 334 mais palavras

A prisão do ex-governador do Rio de Janeiro

O Ex-governador do Rio de Janeiro Anthony Garotinho foi preso ontem junto com sua esposa Rosinha Garotinho.

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