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Oil of Love by Kama Sutra

Add Warmth To Every Kiss!

Kama Sutra’s Oil of Love is kissable, water-based foreplay oil that gently warms on the skin.

Apply Oil of Love to the erogenous zones of the body, lightly blow on the area to experience the gentle warming sensation and follow with kisses, enjoying the sweet flavor. 114 mais palavras

Tasty Treats

Episode 75: Is “Sowing Your Wild Oats” Necessary On the Journey to Finding Love?

Don’t give me that face. What? You’ve never asked yourself that question before? Well, yeah.. it’s not the FIRST thing to come to mind when talking about love, sure. 483 mais palavras


O Kama Sutra BDSM

Crônicas do Mestre Sade

Kama Sutra é um “Manual sexual” escrito por Mallanaga Vatsyayan entre os séculos I e VI DC. Embora seja bem antigo, cita vários outros autores, do que se depreende que se baseou em ensinamentos ainda mais remotos. 313 mais palavras

6 Posisi Seks Kama Sutra Favorit Yang Harus Dicoba Bersama Pasangan

Menurut Kama Sutra, ada 64 posisi seks yang bisa dicoba saat bercinta. Namun jarang ada pasangan yang melakukannya karena beberapa posisi menuntut gerakan yang rumit. 274 mais palavras


Kama Sutra

In a book with little illustrations
And text, lies what takes place
On thrones and slums,
On rickshaws and cabins inside Jet airways,
Where little geometries… 158 mais palavras


33 Strategies of Kama Sutra : Make Her Scream - Last Longer, Come Harder, And Be The Best She's Ever Had

Among the most vulnerable things that can wear out with time is intimacy. Most couples go through difficult times and commitments that take a toll on their intimacy. 143 mais palavras