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the invention of porn? ;)

I like tigers but SEVENTEEN game safaris is a lot!  Luckily there were a handful of “cultural days” attached to the itinerary so I was OK with signing up and not rocking the boat with requests.  810 mais palavras

Travel Stories

Good Kinks and Love-Fucking


“If you’re in tune with yourself sexually, you’re on a much more enlightened path.”

“Knowing what you want and asking for it with ease is what sets strong couples apart from the pack.”

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Birds in Hindu Culture

Two birds perch in a branch. One consumes the hanging fruit, both bitter and sweet, while the other simply observes. Eventually the first bird tires from eating. 1.763 mais palavras


Chapter 18: Ready...Set...Freak-A-Zoid

(“Deeeeeep…as it goooooes!”).  Because through the power of panties, (“You ain’t been sa-tiiis-fiiied!”) I’ve become Gerald Levert.  (“In fact you been den-iiiied!”).  And together we’re singing, (“All the things a girl de-serrrves; a man who puts in worrrrk!”).   391 mais palavras


First the Kama Sutra pictures, and then the 2022 GCC media resolution - what is happening to Qatar's media scene?

It’s not been the best of summers for Qatar’s media scene. First, there was a slip at the Arabic-language daily Al-Sharq. It wasn’t so much a slip-up as a huge !@#$-up. 444 mais palavras


Naughty wife

When marraige gets boring and the relationship is at a sexual stand still it is important to do something about it! Most women in the United States have the power to put back the passion into their marriage and learn how to become a naughty wife in a fun way. 124 mais palavras

Adult Toys

The Christian Marriage Bed – Part 39 – Christianity and the Kama Sutra – On Kissing

Disclaimer: The subject of this post is human sexuality in the context of Christian belief.  It is intended for mature audiences.  If you are under the age of 18 you should have your parents read it and judge if it is appropriate for you to read.  471 mais palavras