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This is Addiction

My vein throb me the sensation of this, This is dizziness,
This is lightness.
Oh I can’t handle that pulsation,
All tricking me, making me think I’m walking straightly. 159 mais palavras


What is a breakfastjunkie?

breakfastjunkie / brɛkfəstdʒaŋki / noun (informal) breakfast addict

noun a person who is unable to leave the house without having breakfast.

noun pl. a community of persons who constantly try to persuade other persons to have breakfast with them.



I stayed at the massage parlour for a little longer. Eventually racking up some debt from all the appointments I was cancelling and clients I was walking out on. 698 mais palavras


Stuck in reverse

So many questions tonight.

I am not that person anymore.

The best thing about this blog is getting all my memories in order and trying to make a connection with the girl I was 15, 10 years ago. 327 mais palavras



I had gotten to the point where the opium my employers got for me couldn’t sustain me.

I knew the city was dry but I thought that maybe Randy would have some access to dope. 169 mais palavras


Round Two

I had nothing with me and was all out of cash so I had to move on from the Pembroke. Once again I called Stan and moved back to his couch. 207 mais palavras


Track : Di Alo - Junkie

The LA based singer-songwriter/producer Dwayne “Di Alo” has no qualms about being addicted to his bae on his Snare Jordan-produced song “Junkie.” 68 mais palavras