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Hair Product Junkie (primpin' ain't easy)

I don’t know about you, but my hair is my precious (lol). I always make sure, I do whatever to keep my hair as healthy as possible. 490 mais palavras

5 beauty must haves, for Fitness junkies.

It’s that time of the year again. The Fall season is on peak, and then comes winter. And I’m pretty sure most of you have come across this tumblr quote  1.083 mais palavras



In a small town overrun by rampant drug use. The local Sheriff Daniel Corbin works overtime trying to clean up the town as June Taylor works overtime turning tricks in dark alleyways to pay for her dope. 202 mais palavras

Christian Kane

Makeup Oops

What are you guilty of when it comes to bad habits regarding your makeup?


I tend to allow my brushes to get cakey makeup built up on them after days and days of use that it can coat my whole sink. 79 mais palavras


Woman finds ‘junkie’ on her doorstep, charges her £80 for him to move — Metro

The woman was told she must pay £80 to get inside the door (Picture: Deadline News)‘You shall not pass!’: Gandalf ‘junkie’ slumped on woman’s doorstep quotes her £80 to go inside.

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Watch Out for PNP Ads

If you want some good, levelheaded and sound advice from someone who has not only been there but, does not know a single person who hasn’t been. 547 mais palavras


Tweaker Life, Colorado Springs Style

In seven months living in colorado springs, I experienced more bullshit than I did in my entire previous 39 years in California. Go figure.

I’ve always loved homeless people and have always stopped to acknowledge them as well as offer some sort of help, usually food or money. 244 mais palavras