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Ten Months...

Today I had my Groups: Recover Together meeting.  It’s basically weekly group therapy for opioid addicts trying to get clean, and in recovery.  I have been going to Groups now for over 6 months, and today got my 6 month token.  822 mais palavras

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Abella de la Conca Climb - Spain

Abella de la Conca situated in Catalunya, Spain, has around 250 climbs of all grades from beginners routes to some of the hardest in the world. 53 mais palavras


Off the Bat

Right off the bat let me say anybody who has been observing my wardrobe habits in this past week must either be mortified or think I have become a junkie. 576 mais palavras



What a junkie says to another junkie in rehab? I wish you speed recovery.


#Junkie (GearShark #1) by Cambria Hebert

“Love does take. Loving someone takes strength. Love takes hard work. And sometimes… Love takes sacrifice. I remember thinking, feeling the only thing worse than being with Drew was being without him.”

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Dance Your Sorrows

I woke up running, usually, I take a moment to take the day in. Today, I woke up to the vibrations of my chaotic life. I awoke to the reality of my own doing. 418 mais palavras


Sugar - The Sweet Carbohydrate

How do we know how much added sugar to consume and stay healthy?

Added Sugars (those consisting of additive sugars, in the form of syrups, sugars, sweeteners, molasses, cane juice, honey, fruit juice concentrate, any ingredient ending with “ose” such as fructose, glucose, and sucrose, and many forms of additive sugars). 391 mais palavras

Balanced Nutritional Levels