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Drainpipe Chad

Drainpipe Chad, Once just known as Chad picked up his nickname after a very unfortunate occurrence. Chad was a former skateboarder who got into drugs more than skateboarding. 280 mais palavras


Time Bomb - short story by Vagabond

Drifting back into consciousness was a special kind of painful. My body didn’t hurt, in fact, it felt amazing. Every nerve in my body felt like it was flowing with the kind of magic only an unimagined god of sensation could have concocted. 2.270 mais palavras


9. Fashionable French Fries

Who doesn’t like french fries? Umm no one, unless your some health freak that can’t cheat every once in awhile. I mean hey! they’re made from potatoes, which are all natural! 136 mais palavras

Rara Avis In Terra

Ok here’s the finished draft of the song I was working on.  It’s gonna get a little harder updating my blog in the coming weeks due to a couple high profile projects I’m working on for classes but I’ll do my best. 293 mais palavras


A Burroughs nightmare

Yes, very different from what I usually write.

I’ve obviously been reading a lot of Burroughs lately and he has been transporting me to a pretty dark world in my mind; it’s a nice place to visit sometimes.


A Clear Space, a Clear Mind

So I am looking at the date of my last post and it was so long ago lol! Crazy how time flies… but man I have been craving a post for awhile and some how I have allowed my business with school work take over my life! 353 mais palavras

Happy Living