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Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth seems to be on the up rise more and more people are doing it and destroying their lives.
I have never participated in using Crystal Meth and I never tend to. 109 mais palavras


Popping Summer Colours With Motives New Matte EyeShadows

Hi everyone, how are we doing this week?

Today is such a gorgeous sunny day but yet it is still so cold! But, I won’t let the weather discourage me from trying out all these bright and fun new colours from… 270 mais palavras

Make Up

From Truth Pervert To...

A beloved mentor and seminary professor of mine, Dr. Cliff Estes, once told me “we must get the Gospel right.” With that being said, there is so much Truth to give you and not enough space or time. 432 mais palavras


Conditioned Addiction.

As expected, today began the same way, in the same robotic, ingrained, Pavlovian way, as every other day: by getting my “fix”. Awaking in the cold sweats I have grown used to, I rolled onto my left side and grabbed my glasses from the bedside cabinet. 193 mais palavras