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"I See Weed" by Zory

My husband’s family owns a beautiful and cozy beach house in the heart of Surfside Beach. A few times a year we like to drive out there for some much needed R&R. 391 mais palavras

Jungle - The Heat (2014; Jungle)

Wenn im Bus sämtliche Männer lauthals als Faschisten bezeichnet werden und man Ihnen Krebs an Ihren Penisen wünscht, dann wenn an der Langstrasse am Donnerstagmorgen, kurz vor 8 Uhr die Alkleichen an den Bushaltestellen liegen und ein paar Meter weiter die Polizei mit hochroten Köpfen einem verwahrlosten Junkie hinterherrennt, dann wenn der notgeile Latino schon auf dem Weg zur Arbeit auf penetrante Art und Weise die Frauen anmacht und versucht, sie mit einer Hunderternote willig zu machen, ja dann ist die Hitzewelle auch in Zürich angekommen.

Song Des Tages

Better late than never... A little introduction to our beginning

An introduction should have been my first post, but I was so excited we were doing this blog that I jumped the gun some. Hence let me regale you with the tale of how my husband and I met and fell in love. 771 mais palavras

Deep Well of Strength

There is a deep well of strength I have found within me, a reservoir that is deeper than the deepest spring I could imagine, that pours forth pure resilience, pure potential and a fortitude like none other. 416 mais palavras


Emptying the Recycle Bin

One does not simply get jealous; one way or another we all have the right to be anyways. But up to which extent can we justify our jealousy? 463 mais palavras


Diary of an emotional Masochist

It’s 8:05 AM .. Friday Morning. My alarm must have been ringing for over an hour..maybe longer, until i finally woke up from it. My room, a mess, everything is a fog. 1.012 mais palavras



i was a starved junkie
without a home

now i got novels
inside my dome