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"The Mouth By Whom We Speak to God": John Knox on Praying on the Basis of Christ Alone

John Knox, from his “Treatise on Prayer” [The Select Practical Writings of John Knox (Edinburgh; Carlisle: Banner of Truth, 2011), 12-16]

[G]odly prayer requireth … the perfect knowledge of the advocate, intercessor, and mediator; for, seeing no man is himself worthy to compear, or appear in God’s presence, by reason that in all men continually resteth sin, which, by itself, doth offend the majesty of God, raising also debate, strife, hatred, and division betwixt his inviolable justice and us, for the which, unless satisfaction be made by another than by ourselves, so little hope resteth that any thing from him we can attain, that no surety may we have with him at all. 752 mais palavras

Reformed Theology

Day 5 - Edinburgh, Scotland

Monday, April 10, 2017

Leaving Doncaster behind today to travel further north.

Passing through towns and cities, crossing the River Tyne at Newcastle, the North Sea, and passing through the rolling Scottish hillside. 2.185 mais palavras

Convicted with Truth-John Knox (1514-1572)

One of the most colorful and impactful figures who led the Scottish Reformation is John Knox.

It has been said that Martin Luther was the hammer of the Reformation, John Calvin the pen, and John Knox the trumpet. 879 mais palavras

Church History

More Fearsome than an Army of 10,000 Men: John Knox and the Power of Prayer (Reformission Monday)

The following is excerpted from Douglas Bond, The Mighty Weakness of John Knox (Lake Mary, FL: Reformation Trust, 2011), Kindle Locations 370-427.

In 1909, on the four hundredth anniversary of the birth of John Calvin, civic and church leaders unveiled the Reformation Wall in Geneva, Switzerland. 997 mais palavras


Scot-Free (Great Scot!)

Relighting Presbyterian roots,
God’s forest-fire convolutes…
contentious times burn heterodox. The catholic cuckoos make their round—
strange fire and popery abound;
Deus Ex Machina 87 mais palavras
My Shameful Addiction - To Poetry

Constitutionalism and Absolutism

Contrary to what most may think, Constitutionalism doesn’t necessarily involve a written document. The key idea of constitutionalism is limiting the power of the king. Constitutionalism is based in the fact that the authority of the government comes from some fundamental law. 348 mais palavras

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