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Pizzini Arneis 2016

Firstly, it’s not French, so don’t leave off the “s” at the end: Ar-Nay-Is.

Pizzini, Arneis, King Valley, 2016

Distinctly leafy nose: Nettles, fresh herbs, radish before nutty notes and filling out with brown pear. 56 mais palavras

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Pizzini Verduzzo 2016

Have to admit, Verduzzo is one of my favourite grape names to say…come on, say it with me: Verrrr-Doot-Zo! Originally from the Fruili – Venezia Giulia and normally under the Colio DOCG. 52 mais palavras

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Pizzini Pinot Grigio 2016

Pizzini are located in Victoria’s King Valley, the heartland of Italian varieties. Forget trying to tread the line between Gris or Grigio style, the Pizzinis keep it fresh and lively. 54 mais palavras

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Pizzini Rosetta 2016

Will the rise of rosé never end? We need a new apocalyptic name, like “Sauvalanche!” Anyway, when it’s done right, it’s done right. This Italian style example is made from Sangiovese grapes. 83 mais palavras

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LANA Moscato 2016

Made from the Moscato Giallo grape. Crown seal. Made by the reliable Pizzini Wines.

LANA, Moscato, King Valley 2016

Sweet and easy aromas old school lemonade, baked lemon meringue tart, quince skin and rosewater. 48 mais palavras

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